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sajith @sajith

Friends! Do you have opinions regarding Yaml vs. Toml vs. something else?

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@federicomena Well, the project at work uses JSON for configuration files, for reasons. I'm considering replacing it with something that is easier to use.

(This is a C++ project, if that matters.)

@sajith in my mind toml is "key-value store with a few frills" and yaml is "gitlab's super weird format for configuring CI"... so maybe I don't really know the full capabilities of each.

@federicomena That is very interesting! I have some exposure to Yaml (some Haskell projects use it a lot), so I'm biased towards Yaml. :-)

Found this blog post:

@sajith One thing that annoys me about Hugo is that it accepts either, so half the themes and examples use Yaml, and half use Toml. Just pick one and stick with it, they're practically equivalent.

@y6nH Sure, that is what I intend to do!

I have no strong opinions about this yet. That is why I am trying to collect them.