What is a good Obnam replacement? Borg Backup, Bup, Duplicity, or something else?

@sajith Do you want to ask Obnam's author's opinion, since he has an active Fediverse account? 😉

@jamey I don't think @liw has officially endorsed anything yet?

@sajith @jamey I've not found something I'm happy with. I'm using rsync + hardlink tree copies for now.

I do not admit to nefarious plans for obnam2.

@sajith @jamey Even if I did have nefarious plans for obnam2, I'm busy with #ick, my CI system, and saving my company.

If anyone's interested commercially in a data store designed for privacy and the GDPR from the start, message me privately .

@sajith @jamey Speaking of #ick, it will need way to notify users avout byilds finifshung.

@sajith @jamey That's builds finishing. Typing on phone is hard.

I've not found a reuseable service, let alone like, so it looks I'll have to write one. HTTP API, authentication with OAuth2, architecture that allows support for a variety of notificayion methods, up to and including calling someone over voip and reading the build log with a speech synth.

@sajith @jamey Once I have the skeleton up, am hoping others will add more methods. Will do email methid, as it's easy and sufficient for myself.

@liw @jamey Thank you, Lars! 😍

I have used Jenkins, Hudson, Gitlab CI, Travis, and BuildBot in various projects, mostly as a user, rarely as an admin. They all work fine, but I am excited for Ick.

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