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I went to Strange Loop Conference and it was totally great!

I also got to hang out with an old friend all the time. So excellent.

But the best ever thing will be next year because ICFP and affiliated events will be in St. Louis!


Today I learned about fallocate from util-linx. Useful for creating zero-filled very large files, for whatever purpose, and quicker than "dd".

It also seems that "truncate -s 10G 10G.bin" should work similarly, but ftruncate() system call lies in its return value. Why?

First day of fall also turned out to be one of the warmest days of the year. What is your deal, weather?

Toured a water infra project! Also took a couple of buckets of that dark stuff home.

(Details in this PDF file:

Got a new toy: an old timey Asahi Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4 lens.

This one is probably radioactive. The (thorium?) glass is yellowing.

"Look into my eyes, my human --"

You know this interviewee

Ammu cat's Labor Day Monday

Be still, my screaming liver

Your humble correspondent found himself in western Iowa this pas weekend!

(Your humble's camera sensor needs cleaning, so does the car's windshield.)

This fruit jelly sure tasted funny

Printed some pictures, and hung them on the walls.

And then the cats took over a bedroom -- it had their pictures, so it must be their room now?

Work computer is talking gibberish