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Whose kid is this? Common moorhen?

(Also seen at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge)

Sorry, I deleted and re-drafted, because I was confused.

This is a snowy egret, right? Black bill and yellow feet are for snowy egrets, great egrets have yellow bills, correct?

Please edumacate me

That is a lot of crabs!

I did not notice the crabs when I took the picture. This must be one happy egret.

Snowy egret at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

Is this bird a brown thrasher?

Seen in Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. This is the best picture I could get, when the bird could bee seen through the tall grass and when my lens was not mis-focusing.

"Live Nude Cats"

Seen in Charleston, South Carolina.

We have milkweeds! And milkweed users!

We are still not done crying about losing Appu cat. We could not bear to stay home this weekend, because every corner of the house and surroundings remind us of Appu. So we drove a couple of hours to hang out with friends.

There we met Richard Parker.

I think I found the sheriff of lakeside stacked pebbles

One extremely dumbfounded man versus one big-ass project

This boy and his extremely shy girl are around our house all the time, and I suspect they are nesting in the arborvitae tree right outside my window, and this is an extremely delightful development.

Was at this party last weekend 🎉

Went to the city yesterday and saw some notable sights.

We have Peonys!

And I found Ammu cat emerging from peony bushes.

Gnome Boxes is nice. I could try OpenBSD without even having to look for an installer image. 😍