The big rock, and view from top of the big rock.

(Sigiriya, Sri Lanka)

I'm preparing myself to go back to the cold cold continent and shovel some snow

Today I learned that there are more kinds of woodpeckers in the US than I can reasonably hope to identify.

This one seems to be a red-bellied woodpecker, from the location and call it made.

Snow day today.

I didn't get a chance to rake the yard, or dig up the dahlia bulbs, or plant the spring bulbs...

I regret this 

Or did we join Ammu cat at her usual perch? I am not entirely sure now. 🐱

Ammu cat joined us at the dinner table tonight 🐱


I've got to met Hillel in real life only twice, and both times I took a ton of candy from him. Also I once drew him as an octopus giving his Strange Loop talk. I think he liked it.

I am glad that Hillel's book, "Practical TLA+", has been released!

Now looking forward to some light formal methods reading.

Alright, which one of you C++ lambdas has crashed? Show yourself, anonymous coward!

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