Today I learned that there are more kinds of woodpeckers in the US than I can reasonably hope to identify.

This one seems to be a red-bellied woodpecker, from the location and call it made.

Snow day today.

I didn't get a chance to rake the yard, or dig up the dahlia bulbs, or plant the spring bulbs...

Been busy, but caught up a bit with whatever that is left of fall last weekend.

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Or did we join Ammu cat at her usual perch? I am not entirely sure now. 🐱

Ammu cat joined us at the dinner table tonight 🐱

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I've got to met Hillel in real life only twice, and both times I took a ton of candy from him. Also I once drew him as an octopus giving his Strange Loop talk. I think he liked it.

I am glad that Hillel's book, "Practical TLA+", has been released!

Now looking forward to some light formal methods reading.

Alright, which one of you C++ lambdas has crashed? Show yourself, anonymous coward!

This one did not freak out this time and fly away as it usually does when I point my camera at it, likely because of the cold weather.

Whoops, made a typo! Meant 55 °F/13 °C, typed 55 °C.

Thanks to @fitheach for spotting it.

The last monarch pictures I managed to take this year are from September 20 and 23, respectively. They must be on their way to their wintering grounds to Mexico, if they are already not there.

Fun monarch fact: monarchs can't (or don't?) fly when temperature is below 55 °C. Right now we're at 10 °C.

See you next year, little winged friends!

Appu cat snuggled with us every night. We dearly dearly miss him.

Ammu cat is a cold weather snuggler.

Your humble correspondent would like to note that Jitters Coffee House of Joliet, Illinois has a nice collection of art on their high walls.

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