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Seen in Gay Village, Montreal.

Festivus greetings from my /kandan poocha/ tommiecat as well

Festivus greetings from hamare Kishenji

Drove home back from Canada. Reunited with the cats, who are extra lovey-dovey now, after about two weeks of separation.

A thing that struck me about Canada: the countryside and small towns look well cared-for, compared to their decrepit US counterparts. I am curious about this. I'm told that NAFTA has a lot to with the sad state of middle America and Mexico, but Canada also is a party to NAFTA.

Also, it didn't seem like Canadian cities have poor people parts, like Chicago's south side.

Saw this "immigrant family" in Toronto.

Also spotted this elusive character as I was heading home

We spotted a bird during lunch break

Good night, and good purrr

Whoa look at this Kālī by David DePasquale

Please tell me that David is in the Mastodons

There's a little more autumn left

I just want to comply with Caturday requirements

All weekends maybe except two or three happened to be rainy this fall.

What's the matter with that?