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As the mallards were crossing the trail, two cyclists rode straight towards them without stopping, and rode away. The mallards scampered for dear life.

What is wrong with people?

Saw some prime elk butt

Went for a walk in the woods

On warm sunny days Ammu cat be like

Appu cat, my favorite garden gnome 🐱

When in Louisville, do the usual: gluttony and sloth!

Further down south, in Louisville, Kentucky

Clifty Falls State Park is close to Madison, IN. Been meaning to visit for a long time! Happened to pass by, and had a couple of hours to stop by there last weekend.

Madison, Indiana has a very strong spring game for a town of its size!

Today I dug a trench in a corner of the yard, for starting one of those hügelkultur mounds @dthompson was talking about last year.

Of course "my" robin came by for his ration of worms, and then I had the not-fun job of stopping Ammu cat from stalking the robin.

Ammu cat acts like she owns the place

(She owns the place)

Yard story 🌼 🐱 🐰

(Nothing happened. Bunny was a little too curious about the prowling cat; Appu was content to be just prowling.)