There are also: woodpeckers, nuthatches, goldfinches, sparrows, mourning doves, squirrels, chipmunks, and their collective chatter. 😍

We accidentally rode a steam train this Saturday!

There were throngs of excited train nerds, people waving from sides of the tracks, musicians playing old timey Americana, actors and some real people dressed in old timey costumes that reminds you of Mad Men and lynchings.

The engine belongs to Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society (

At some point some kind of bar fight equivalent of monarch world broke out, and resolved itself faster than I could focus my reasonably fast focusing lens.

I really suck in this photojournalist profession.

I should not send myself to a war front as a photojournalist. I would fare much worse than Robert Capa.

Today I spotted three monarchs on the zinnias at the same time, but of course they did not pose for a group photo. 🦋 🦋 🦋

What do a poor photographer do when found himself in such an impossible situation but make do?

Monarch #11 of 11, a boy, emerged from his chrysalis the same day as monarch #10, but wasn't quite ready to leave until this morning.

Astute readers may note that he left on Día de la Independencia, and she left on El Grito de Dolores.

I hope the last few monarchs will make it all the way to their overwintering grounds in Mexico, and will serve as our ambassadors there.

Feliz viaje, our little winged friends!

Monarch #10 (of 11) left home yesterday. She hung around a bit too, but not for too long.

This one emerged from her chrysalis yesterday, and this one too lingered on for hours 🦋

(Two more monarchs are getting ready this morning, and that will be the end of monarch raising season for us.)

This one left home today 🦋

He lingered on for a long time before taking flight, so I ended up taking 139 pictures.

I think of pancakes
Whenever I see
Job postings for
Full stack developers
Although I am more of a
No stack developer

This bad girl is 19ft across and can cut through 70ft of hard rock in 34 hours. She'll be put to work 5 days a week, and will rest on 6th and 7th days for sharpening her claws and what not.

Local school kids have named her MaMaJo, after the area's three rivers (Maumee, St Marys, and St Johns).

She was on public display today.

(My wife worked on the geotechnical site investigation for this project. We went to Indiana to see the tunnel boring machine and to hang out with old friends.)

Who are these little red people and what are them doing the milkweed pods?

(They are milkweed bug nymphs or something, per the interwebs)

Another visitor from yesterday. 🦋

I am declaring this program of throwing some sunflower and zinnia seeds randomly in the yard and letting milkweeds etc just be a Great Success.

A gang of four goldfinches visited yesterday.

They're frequent visitors, but I was seeing four of them together for the first time.

Was in a boat for a bit last night 🛥️ 🌆

Can you run "coredumpctl gdb <match>" inside Emacs' GUD?

(Other than unzipping the coredump and doing it the regular way, I mean.)

I tried, and got a bunch of complaints from gdb.

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