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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

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I agree with @thursdayb: "I feel like gender is kind of like timezones. I participate in both but I don't entirely know what's going on."

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That old man at the end of the bar sits and watches. Faces come and go all day, every day. Some faces keep coming back. Some come back for a while and then just disappear. Still, he watches.

On his good days he might chat you up a bit, if you happen to stumble across a topic that pokes his old brain. Heck, sometimes he gets downright verbose. Occasionally he'll just start talking to no one at all.

I asked him once why he's always here. He said, "Because you're beautiful. You're all beautiful."

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Hi Mastodon I was laid off suddenly last month and I'm on the job hunt.

I am an experienced game developer in the Seattle area. I do game engineering and design, and I have skills in a bunch of areas including programming, visual design, illustration, and others.

My portfolio of work can be found here:

If you're hiring please get in touch, if you'd like to help please boost. Thanks

@Angle Sounds like someone is about to get a tattoo. :-)

@jjg Building things beats purchasing pre-built things (*), yeah! Have fun with it, when you get around to doing it.

(*) Conditions apply.

The machine I just logged in is in the other side of the world and it has 72 cores and 396GB RAM. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

I went to Strange Loop Conference and it was totally great!

I also got to hang out with an old friend all the time. So excellent.

But the best ever thing will be next year because ICFP and affiliated events will be in St. Louis!


@skiring Ha, cute. This is just as how one would imagine a fight between Canada and Denmark would go over inconsequential territory. :-)

@anil @aniline @aniline I am confused by the profusion of you

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Increased character limit is Mastodon's least important feature, albeit a nice perk

Mastodon's primary strength are the decentralization (resilience to failures, government censorship, distributed nature of the moderation and ability to own your own megaphone) and the power dynamic between the product and the users. It is free and open source, and does not seek to exploit the user through ads or surveillance; it is, rather, made by the users for the users.

Today I learned about fallocate from util-linx. Useful for creating zero-filled very large files, for whatever purpose, and quicker than "dd".

It also seems that "truncate -s 10G 10G.bin" should work similarly, but ftruncate() system call lies in its return value. Why?

@ik @skiring I'm only halfway through the book. I will look forward to hearing the proposals!

First day of fall also turned out to be one of the warmest days of the year. What is your deal, weather?