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@dthompson @auntiekiki I actually bought that used Fiskar this morning and used it to mow our yard. It took four times as much time, and I am worn out now, but I finished listening to an audiobook while cutting grass. I regret nothing. :-)

@jamey Yes, and I believe that is the real hard part!

@jamey Is this person cleverer than you?

He made a thing called Fossil, but it is unclear if it will ever become popular... :-)

@jamey Agree with everything, including and especially the comment about Luke's blog. :-)

@kensanata @JordiGH @technomancy Yes, familiar. :-)

It is a function of the free time we have, among other things. Work, commute, tiredness, house maintenance, etc. have taken over other things in life, and this is even without kids.

The best friends we made in America are all from rural/semi-rural Indiana. We rarely make close friends in our new home in suburbia, even though we're surrounded by about a thousand times more people. We're all "busy".

@kensanata @JordiGH @technomancy I have a feeling that it is a western and urban thing. I have never felt that way back home in India. My father, retired and active in his various communities there, keeps making new friends all the time.

(Robert Putnam explores this topic in "Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community". Great book, should be gold standard of writing about social sciences for the public...)

@jamey I have tried some of them (ditz, bugs everywhere), but nothing stuck.

At the other end of this, there's Luke Gorrie's blog, which is essentially GitHub issues. :-)

@jamey Well, in my case, I am just doing some software archeology. But I am sure shops that still use CVS or RCS exist somewhere. :-)

To be fair to GitHub, it is not quite obvious how to decentralize their other services such as issue tracking, technology-wise and usability-wise, or is it?

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@sajith I had pretty good reasons for using CVS as my proof of concept demo for Corrode. 😅 I picked it after browsing Debian's "orphaned packages" list and comparing their "popularity contest" statistics. CVS is one of the most widely-installed, unmaintained, network-exposed, C projects out there. (Also it has a fairly comprehensive test suite which was a huge bonus for me.)

@jamey CVS was pretty great, as opposed to carrying code in a floppy disk to your colleague's computer, or putting code in a NFS share, or having a separate tarballs for each revision you made...

This happened in a real shop with real programmers whose exasperated sysadmin had already set up a CVS server and bugzilla. :-)

On hindsight I am also amazed by the amount of progress that folks made in the years in between. Kids these days don't know what to do when GitHub goes down. ;-)

I just did a "sudo apt install cvs"

@um Do you also recommend replacing an entire car when it gets a flat tire? How about when people get sick? ;-)

I've found that testing works the best for my every day desktop usage, and it's been usually quite reliable for me. I run stable on servers.

I don't mind switching desktop to stable, but doubt that'll help: no one else has reported my issue, and it's looking like it could be faulty RAM or SSD. I wouldn't know what the actual problem is if I just replace OS. :-)

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Just donated 20€ to #GnuPG for keeping it real. They have only received 41€ in May so far, which is ridiculously low given the importance of that project. Please help out if you can:

(Really angry to see this shit blowing up on mainstream media now, this will be a frustrating week...)

@um Debian is an old habit. Been using it for a very long time now. :-)

I don't particularly care for the latest, but I do have Fedora in a machine. I like it.

@um Did purge and reinstall, but that doesn't seem to make a difference either. Also tried the versions from stable and unstable... and even a binary download from Mozilla. Everything crashes. Strange.

@um Firefox keeps crashing for me with or without firejail. I installed debug symbols, and it seems that the backtraces are different each time. 🤔

@um No... had not even heard about firejail to this moment! :-)

@um Didn't make a difference. Neither did safe mode.

Is it just me, or did Firefox on Debian testing become crashy all of a sudden?

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Zuckerberg's EU appearance doesn't really add anything which the much more lengthy congress hearings havn't already whitewashed. The questions were all quite similar and Zuckerberg delivers his set piece describing his strategy like a school master delivering a speech to an unruly classroom.

I'm not a great fan of Mr Zuckerberg, but here he looks like more of a statesman than the bumbling EU bureaucrats who seem to have little grasp on the complexities of the internet or any idea of what appropriate internet governance might be. There is no questioning of the centralized strategy and no critical faculties are exercised. Theirs is merely to render unto Caesar what Caesar desires to implement.

What this tells me is what I already knew anyway. That the EU institutional structure isn't fit for purpose and the people who inhabit it are creations of the pre-internet era. They can only think in terms of Big Everything. Zuckerberg's appearance is more of a performance than an attempt to resolve anything by meaningful dialogue.