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Our "Learn Racket and Scribble" workshop tomorrow (targeted at non-programming humanities academics) still has some slots open if you want to attend and are in the Madison, WI area:

Click the flier images for details and for info on how to register!

@dthompson I had to make a grocery run last night and they happened to have green and purple shamrocks and other Irish culture related articles, thanks to St Patrick's Day!

Will be sure to spread the love.

@dthompson Status update: shamrock aquired

@kensanata So did "our coffee", and I am looking at my cup of coffee with a bit of of guilt that I will no doubt forget in no time...

@kensanata "Our tea" killed vast tracts of what was previously tropical rainforests in the old colonies!

*headscratch intensifies*

A mystery this morning:

I'm logged into a CentOS VM administered by someone else. My default shell is /bin/sh, but I want it to be /bin/bash, so that it'll act a bit more familiar.

Turns out that "chsh" and "lchsh" don't work because this account doesn't have a /etc/password entry.

How can I change my default shell? Also what auth backend let me into this VM?

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I don't understand my brain's logic??? Show more

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Today I learned: the All India Radio signature tune was composed by Walter Kaufmann, Czech refugee to India, in 1936.

Kaufmann later moved to the US, and served as a Distinguished Professor at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music during 1975-1984. IU Press published some of his books: "The ragas of South India", "The Ragas of South India", and "Musical Notations of the Orient".

The tune in question:

@Mogsie I hear you.

I thought I disliked daylight savings time until this evening. I got home from work when it was still bright outside, which is nice. Here's to warm sunny days!

@Mogsie Nice to meet you too! How is weather in your side of the world?

It's still cold here, but birds are out and about. Red-winged blackbirds, robins, and some birds I can't identify.