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Trying to drum up support for adding to , we are quickly moving up the list of 'Ideas' and currently at 6th place in view count on their idea tracker in a matter of a few days.

If you have some ideas yourself about how Ghost could join the please come join the conversation over here:

Whose kid is this? Common moorhen?

(Also seen at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge)

This evening a goldfinch decided to feast on of the blooming garden plants. I had to stand still for about three minutes so as not to scare away my visitor.

I have decided that today is a good day.

@dthompson @cwebber I bet that this is an extremely tempting proposition

@dthompson @cwebber Why use dead routers when you could use live routers and cover the house with moar bandwidth

@dthompson I would have just used the closest match and declared victory. You have higher standards. :-)

@dthompson You also don't have to match (crown?) molding and baseboard? You are the boss of your home improvement projects! Use what you like!

@dthompson Have experience finding exact match for flooring, but that was only a matter of not giving up and a lot of web searches... and luck!

The original boards were discontinued but Lowe's had some of the same thing in stock under a different name. We ordered samples, confirmed that it matches, and then ordered a batch.

Sorry for not being very helpful. :-)

I also wanted to say: some days will be just like this, and that is totally OK!

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Yesterday I made a Chesapeake bay seek and find/#coloringpage for teachers to use!

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I agree with Karl Fogel here:

'I've never understood the "GPL is not free" argument. The only restriction the GPL imposes is that it prevents people from imposing further restrictions. To say that this results in less freedom has always seemed perverse to me. If the retention of monopoly is somehow a freedom to be protected, then the word "freedom" is no longer

I think Stallman also said basically the same thing.

@kensanata Ah. :-) I quite like Gnome these days. :-)

@kensanata In case you didn't know, cmd/super + arrow keys offer a poor person's tiling window manager.

I have not used XMonad in a long time...

@amylsacks @auntiekiki Because morality is a human concept, and nature doesn't follow human diktats.

Ok, next question?

@federicomena The first few PCs I used had turbo buttons, but they weren't "my" PCs. Boosting regardless!

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