@cwebber If a worker-owned co-op could make such a device, that would be the dream.

But people like me don't constitute a major market. I held on to my last phone for five years, and I would have kept it for longer if things weren't failing. :-)

@cwebber How about the Fairphone? It's great that people are thinking about reducing landfill and treating workers fairly too!

It'd be even better to have something that unites all of these goals...

@anish We both should develop better work habits!

I was officially working half-day yesterday, but I still ended up doing that because there was a thing that has been nagging me. :-)

I currently live in the US, Chicago area. I was born in India, and time and tides brought me here.

Are you a student?

@anish I worked till late hours last night, and I not in "work mode" this morning, so now I am goofing off. ;-)

Do you live in Australia?

@checkervest That is so sweet of your uncle. :-)

I just finished reading "Our Towns" by James and Deborah Fallows -- they flew a Cirrus across the country, and reported resurgence of smaller cities and towns. They discussed a little bit of aviation history too.


The country must seem different when you see it that way...

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Hey guys look what I found


It's Windows 95 running as an Electron app, the only two things I absolutely adore!

@checkervest Yes, true. :-)

And there was the time we flew out of the even smaller airport at Watertown, SD. Our friends' parents gave us a car to get to the airport. They asked us to leave the car unlocked in the parking lot, with the key inside. Apparently nobody locks anything in South Dakota.

I should have taken flying lessons while we lived in Fort Wayne. But I did not have the money. Someday... 🛩️

@checkervest Airport Security Industrial Complex versus one angry mom: who will prevail?

(The bigger airport, the more annoying it is. Which is why I loved the one-terminal FWA airport. It was five miles from our old house, TSA agents were nice and friendly, the lines -- if any -- were short, and best of all: upon landing, someone at exit will give you a cookie and say: "welcome to Fort Wayne"! 😍)

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@kemonine @kensanata I was wondering if formally verified calendars are a thing, and found a 1979 paper by Leslie Lamport


@ralph Good to know! Thank you.

I hope they succeed, and start sales world-wide. I don't need a phone at the moment, but I would appreciate something like FairPhone when the time comes. :-)

@Are0h I wasn't trying to do any of that, but sure, I will stop. :-)

@Are0h I have not deleted comments. I am not even trying to be defensive. Please help me?

@Are0h What are the specific statement(s) that I have made where I defended white people?

@Are0h Let us be very clear: I am not defending white people.

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