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@sajith It is problematic enough for even experienced birders that there is a term for it: LBB. It stands for "little brown bird."

As in: "Saw a pair of cardinals and a few LBBs."

Our friend monarch came by this evening.

Annoyed by the photographer's antic's, they're currently perched high up a tree.

Annoyed this bird in the morning.

(This would be some kind of... sparrow? How do I tell what kind? There are about thirty different kinds of sparrow found around here and to someone uninitiated like me this is quite bewildering a variety of sparrows!)

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You may have noticed me doing research about the technology stacks being used by #ActivityPub apps, this is because I'm involved in a couple federated projects (both of which are new use cases, and extending the #ActivityStreams format).

One of those (current dayjob) is #MoodleNet (for educators to curate educational resources together), and we now decided to use #Elixir for the back-end, which I explain in detail here:

I'm open for feedback & collaboration requests!

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Using Ubuntu?

The British National Cyber Security Centre has published its guide on how to secure Ubuntu 18.04 systems.

Definitely worth reading even for non-Ubuntu users ^^

#Ubuntu #Security #NCSC #linux

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We had these two visitors the other day at the same time: a monarch butterfly and a (ruby-throated?) hummingbird who were going at each other's throats for a few minutes.

You need to squint at the second picture to spot the hummingbird, but it is there. And that is my very first hummingbird picture!

Replacing juniper pines with flowering plants, and letting milkweed grow by our front door -- however haphazard a "garden" that might make -- was clearly a very good idea. I am pleased. :-)

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You can now challenge someone to game of over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the , implementing all by itself. 😃

@fitheach Hi Iain!

I just looked up and figured that "fitheach" is Gaelic for raven and it is pronounced "fith-eech". 🤓

Is this correct?

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Los Angeles - animal help ASAP 

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My achievement this morning was pissing this heron off

I'm told that only about 5% monarch eggs become butterflies, and the rest perish. Even milkweeds are trying to kill the caterpillars with sticky latex sap and toxins!

I've checked out Anurag Agrawal's "Monarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution" from the library. It's all very thrilling.

I also moved the last caterpillar I found to a glass jar. It turned into a chrysalis the other day.

Stay tuned for further updates!

The last monarch chrysalis outside turned out to be a bit of a tragedy: it became victim to tachinid fly.

Turned out that "nmap -Pn --script ssl-enum-ciphers $host -p $port" can list SSL/TLS protocol versions available (and ciphersuites etc).

The "ssl-enum-ciphers" script did not work without that "-Pn" option for some reason, leading me to believe that this script wasn't what I was looking for.

(Thanks @hhardy01)

How do you probe for all SSL/TLS versions available on a given host:port combination?

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