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This page lists a lot of emacs packages and how to financially support their maintainers:

I would love to see the same thing for other programming communities.

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I spent a little time unwinding and hobby-hacking recently in Rust. Haven't used it in probably five years. Surprised and pleased at many things that have grown in the meantime (holy shit y'all been busy writing crates), but mostly enjoying the feeling of everything being exactly where I expect it to be. Like a custom-built bike or something. Spoiled, grinning.

This bad girl is 19ft across and can cut through 70ft of hard rock in 34 hours. She'll be put to work 5 days a week, and will rest on 6th and 7th days for sharpening her claws and what not.

Local school kids have named her MaMaJo, after the area's three rivers (Maumee, St Marys, and St Johns).

She was on public display today.

(My wife worked on the geotechnical site investigation for this project. We went to Indiana to see the tunnel boring machine and to hang out with old friends.)

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Awesome, there's a whole miniKanren implementation in emacs lisp!

This gives you logic programming somewhat like Prolog or Clojure's core.logic.

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LB: Can vouch for Better World Books. Have ordered from them before and had zero problems.

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If you create a webcomic, podcast, fanfiction, or other web-published creative work, could you fill out this short survey for me? Thanks! (boosts appreciated!)

Who are these little red people and what are them doing the milkweed pods?

(They are milkweed bug nymphs or something, per the interwebs)

Twitter thread 

Forgot to report: two monarchs left home yesterday!

No pictures. I wasn't home to witness their departure.

That NYT op-ed 

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Criminalizing homelessness struck down 

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest is on September 15-16:

I grew up without computers (without electricity, even), so what possibly can the exhibits mean to me? Do I want to find out?

India 🏳️‍🌈 

India 🏳️‍🌈 

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Why am I getting Chinese (?) robocalls? 🤔

THE FUTURE isn't here yet until I get robocalls in Malayalam

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Early bird tickets for RacketCon with keynote speaker Kent Dybvig are still available -- come to St Louis!


Another visitor from yesterday. 🦋

I am declaring this program of throwing some sunflower and zinnia seeds randomly in the yard and letting milkweeds etc just be a Great Success.

A gang of four goldfinches visited yesterday.

They're frequent visitors, but I was seeing four of them together for the first time.

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