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Bank lady was grumpy and made a comment about the length of my full name.

I know what I should do! I need to go to my favorite social media site and LASH OUT at this grave injustice

Is Jeff Goldblum ready to upload virus to alien ship

LinkedIn says that "1 person from your school was hired here" about Wikimedia Foundation

I hear that 1 person from my school started the thing

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if you're in the south Puget Sound area, (south of Seattle, WA in the USA) I'm giving a talk next week on my Atreus cyberdeck next Thursday at our local developer meeting:

come say hi?

Why is the grandfather of federated microblogging announcing an ActvityPub software job in Twitter dot com


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Evan Prodromou (who is the grandfather of federated microblogging, I don't think you wouldn't be here without them.) is hiring someone to work on ActivityPub software.

"If you want a (paying full-time permanent) job (with real human money) building server software please DM me"

I tried to join a Google Meet video call this morning from multiple computers (one Fedora, one macOS) and neither audio nor video worked: I could not hear anything the other person said, but they could hear me, and there was no video at all. Finally gave up and used phone.

(Zoom has worked for me, but has not: I see an "ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details" message in Firefox dev console when I join a meeting.)

What do you folks use?

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so i spent today writing a piece laying out how to write terminal apps without ncurses (and, more importantly, how to write the library that will kill ncurses for good)

this is the result of years of experience delving into dark corners of ANSI specifications, terminfo files, and hoary manpages. this is knowledge that i’ve never seen collected in one place before. please use it, i beg you.


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The ocean quahog (Arctica islandica) is the longest lived animal on Earth (that we know of). One individual was found through growth banding to be 507 years old. There are probably older ones out there right now. They are indifferent about us. We are a mere blip in the timeline of their lives. #clamfacts

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Any ham radio operators in Berlin, Germany who want to meet for an eyeball during Oct 19-25? #hamradio

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Hey hive-mind, is anyone working on a FOSS (or even just independent) version of something like goodreads?

Your humble correspondent is some kind of farmer!

(I got a couple of packets of seeds for free in the spring and I spread them all over the yard and did not care for them throughout summer and how I have this... and more.)

(Observation: living things want to reproduce, sometimes even against great odds.)

(Meta-observation: we want to eat those things.)

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Good morning Fediverse☀️

I’m trying to save my family’s home $5 at a time. We’re going to need A LOT of help spreading this. Have you got $5 or time to share this all over the place? This really is our last chance and we haven’t got any place else to go.

Thank you!! 💖

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A single mussel can filter over 40 L of water a day. Imagine how much water they go through as a colony of thousands!


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I liked this post:

"Notes to Myself on Software Engineering: A laundry list of personal reminders", François Chollet.

Vexingly, the offending client binary doesn't trigger these messages when run from its build directory, but only from install directory.

Maybe the runtime linker is using a different SSL library than it was originally linked against?

Do I even know what I am talking about?

How do one go around debugging misbehaving TLS connections?

I am looking at Mosquitto MQTT broker logs with statements like

Client connection from <some host> failed: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number

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If anyone has questions about clams I am always here for you!

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