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boost if you still use print statements as debug

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alright folks, here's the win95 style as a userscript (domain applied to only for now, sorry -- feel free to modify the userstyle to try it on your instance but YMMV)

i'm sure there's stuff i missed but it's at least 90% complete for the main app i think

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“I wish to thank ncurses, linux-pam, X11 and systemd developers for not providing anything close to a reference or documentation.”
Ly, ncurses display manager:

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I passed my PhD viva yesterday, subject to minor corrections! Just call me Dr. Guy. [...]
Fun fact: I haven't written my thesis acknowledgements yet because every time I try to think about all of the amazing people who have supported me over all this time I cry. #phdchat

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Btw for those who don't know, @rhiaro is responsible for a lot of the clarity in the structure of ActivityPub. She's the reason the document is so nicely split between client to server and server to server... prior to that it was all one spec where you had to implement both.

She also just passed her PhD yesterday! Her thesis is cool and relevant: "The Presentation of Self
on a Decentralised Web"

Let's all give her a round of applause!

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Trying to track a UPS package.

UPS has locked my account, because I tried too hard to change my password.

Can't track by email because:

"cannot update mailbox /var/spool/mail/totaltrack for user totaltrack. error writing message: File too large"

How do I tell CMake-generated Makefiles to not to build tests, when I run "make"?

Backed something on Kickstarter for the first time today: the Magit project!

I already have my reward -- I use Magit every day. Magit has taught me to write better Git commit messages, and stash/rebase/sqaush/fixup/etc without the usual fear and trepidation.

Thank you, Jonas and fellow Magit contributors, for making my computer time a lot more pleasant.

Disturbed by the news that Gauri Lankesh, senior Indian journalist, has been shot dead at her home. She was by no means a friend of the ruling right-wing party, and was unafraid to express her dissent.

I am worried for my home country.

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I have never really cared for hashtags but now I have now pinned in a Mastodon column.

Time time time
See what's become of me