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I'm writing my own operating system for the x86 named 'Tupai'. Go check it out if you're interested :) #programming #osdev

Every day I go to work, like a true professional, with knee-high cat hair on my pants because the cats keep rubbing against me.

Knee-high cat hair on pants is a mark of honor. Why *you* don't have it?

There's a rain of leaves following the night of frost.

Changing seasons: so far, so good.

"How do you exit four?" Show more

"How do you exit four?" Show more

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[ 5,000+ Prayers ]



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I just want to say first off, thank you everyone for passing my original post around! I’m about halfway to my goal, I hope to finish by the end of this week ✨

They’re $25 for avatars $75 for waist up! If you need more samples let me know or check my original post! Also yes, I do men and furry! Drop a line here if you’re interested!

Thank you guys again 😭💖 this means so much to me, the hope of finally getting away from this job haha!
#commission #signalboost #art

Also it seems that GIMP omits a whole bunch of EXIF data when exporting to JPEG (such as lens ID), and it seems that the solution will involve hacking libexif... and... libexif lives in a Sourceforge CVS repository? 😫

I hope I am wrong about some of these observations.

Also I have an SD card stuck in my ole Thinkpad's card reader slot.

Also exfat is a funny thing.

My camera doesn't like SD cards formatted using mkfs.exfat. And cards bigger than 32GB have to be exfat. So I need to format these cards using camera. Mmkaay.

If I mount an exfat SD card in the computer, remove it without unmounting, and then insert the said SD card into the camera, camera will claim that the card is not formatted.

Once I remount the SD card, do the unmount dance, it will suddenly be clean nice and usable as far as the camera is concerned.


I actually updated my camera's firmware and that wasn't bad as I feared at all

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Discussions (using the term loosely) about software licensing are always full of developers bitter about the GPL because they feel entitled to using other people's code in their proprietary product and get mad when they can't. I have a feeling that if I wanted to use their proprietary code in my free project the reaction would be different.

Some fonts make "–" (Unicode 0x2013) and "-" (ASCII 0x2D) look alike and this leads to much consternation. This is a lot more fun when Outlook replaces hyphens you type in with fancy Unicode, and people copy-paste stuff from email into their iTerms.

Anyway, this is a story about how Emacs describe-char command saved my sanity.

The lesson of the story is that we should bring back the ASCII ribbon campaign against Outlook and HTML email.

Also I should stop using Outlook, but alas.

I liked it better when it used to be dark outside at the time I show up at work. It's only Monday morning and I am already disoriented.

I think I should refuse to participate in this nonsensical biannual clock adjustment ritual.

It has been noted that being poor is pretty expensive in America. Here's yet another example: residents of Chicago's poor neighborhoods pay more for water.

Is this egregious, or what.

You can't stop me from posting pictures of Ammu cat either

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We could use a Vietnamese interpreter for Tipsy's parents. We would prefer someone in the LGBT community. Any volunteers would be lovely

You can't stop from posting pictures of Appu cat

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@duckduckgo is looking for suggestions for non-profits to donate to - put in a kind word for us, and your other favorite #freesoftware projects!
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