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There's a little more autumn left

I just want to comply with Caturday requirements

Turns out that the Google memo guy grew up in Chicago's west suburbs.

That explains many things, as far as I am concerned.

All weekends maybe except two or three happened to be rainy this fall.

What's the matter with that?

Linkedin dot com continues to inspire me to give up everything and go live in the woods

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Shameless plug tootin' time!

I'm making an 80's style text-parser adventure game in my own engine. It can do stuff the Sierra AGI engine cannot, like parallax 3D rotation.

Questions, Follows and Boosts always welcome! 😄

"Baby Driver" made me miss Atlanta

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Pressing "s" in htop launches strace on the process on Linux.
What is the favored tracing command on other supported platforms?

(specifically: macOS, DragonFly, FreeBSD, OpenBSD)

IOW, which of these OSes use strace, truss, dtruss?

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I've started working on a 1ML implementation targeting the runtime via malfunction.

Still very early but the project is up at

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Hello! I'm Meghnad, currently based in New Delhi, India.

I'm a journalist, public policy professional and political analyst.

Other than that, I'm a Gamer, Cat slave and GIF Curator.

Curiosity brought me to Mastodon. I have absolutely no idea what to do here but as i read more Toots (did you know tooting also means farting), I see there are many interesting people here!

A friend and I were chatting about how we do not watch movies or listen to music as often as we used to anymore.

A few days later he mentioned that he's started listening to Ravel's Boléro.

Now not only am I listening to Boléro, I can't stop listening to Boléro.

I don't even know what Boléro is really about.

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Hello I'm Ben and I love making pixel gifs and comics!

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Can we make this (or another post)
get +500 boosts, proofing that the argument to stay away from the #fediverse because one can here only reach out to a few is completly wrong?

Wondering how high the reach of this post is?

Well, we don't know. We don't track the users.

You only can see the boosts/fav/reply.
If that's a lot, it reached a lot.

If that made one rethink their opinion here you go:

(there is also
#gnusocial #plemora #postactiv #friendica #hubzilla..

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hey--if you're an artist who has moved from twitter to masto and want to chat why, email me at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com

I should have practiced my español in earnest before meeting me maestra la próxima semana despues de un año

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This is a Bontebok. They used to be common in South Africa, but were killed prolifically as pests and reduced to a wild population of just 17. Thanks to one farmer who kept a herd on his land for pleasure, the population is now being rebuilt.