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More details about the software engineer job with Indiana University in Prof. Ryan Newton's email to haskell-cafe mailing list:

(via @vu3rdd)

Indiana University Computer Science department is hiring a Research Software Engineer.

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Through an impressive feat of syntactomancy, all guns in America have been replaced by buns. The National Rabbit Association issued a statement in support of strong protections for bun owners, saying "all buns have a right to affordable veterinary care."

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Hi ! We are Terms of Service;Didn't Read ( "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services" is the Internet's biggest lie. We aim to fix it.

We crowdsource ToS analysis's so everyone can participate in making the Internet more transparent!

We have a new submission tool, currently under development: Phoenix :



IRC: #tosdr on Freenode


I've been downloading the Debian CD image that contains nonfree firmware for the past hour or so from home, because my ISP is glorious.

I could download the same image in 6 seconds flat at work. 😳

Try searching "figlet duckduckgo" with DuckDuckGo


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I rarely do this, but one of my very good friends is facing high vet bills to save her cat, who has a genetic heart condition. My friend is a college student barely making ends meet. If you could spare anything to help Xena and her human, it would be much appreciated <3

(Total is $1200).

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i want to find my and peeps on this thing, if you write about your or your , is there like a hashtag people use or something?

here is a selfie for these dark times

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hey does anyone have opinions on an API for a DNS service?

(pls boost?)
(pls don’t explain DNS to me?)

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Some of the 4x6" fungi field studies scanned all fancy! Weather's warming up and it's all damp out, so more of these will definitely be happening soon.

#mastoart #fungi #mycology #lifestudies #fieldstudy #mixedmedia

I have been very outdoorsy today

I must go lie down now

And here be some very unseasonal strange-looking fruit

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