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I think it's excellent to commemorate significative events like the Haymarket Massacre on #MayDay. I also think workerism is a drag and we must learn to think beyond the industrial era that created the concept of the subordinate worker. The show must move on.

Today I dug a trench in a corner of the yard, for starting one of those hügelkultur mounds @dthompson was talking about last year.

Of course "my" robin came by for his ration of worms, and then I had the not-fun job of stopping Ammu cat from stalking the robin.

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"...I've always lived cheaply. I live like a student, basically. And I like that, because it means that money is not telling me what to do. I can do what I think is important for me to do. It freed me to do what seemed worth doing. So make a real effort to avoid getting sucked into all the expensive lifestyle habits of typical Americans. Because if you do that, then people with the money will dictate what you do with your life. You won't be able to do what's really important to you."


Your humble correspondent would like to report that it is sunny and warm and nice in Kentucky

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Who made these tracks? They are on the outside of a cistern, and they must have been left by some kind of creature who climbs. And wanders, apparently aimlessly!

#nature #mystery #wtf

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This month's patron request!

It was supposed to be a surrealist plushie but... it may look a bit more sci-fi than surrealist? Maybe, idk

#illustration #bunny #plushie #art #mastoart #digitalart

Ammu cat acts like she owns the place

(She owns the place)

USA, change my mind 

Yard story 🌼 🐱 🐰

(Nothing happened. Bunny was a little too curious about the prowling cat; Appu was content to be just prowling.)

This morning I strode into a conference venue, spoke with a man who was waiting around, told him that his name sounds familiar...

Turned out that he was the morning's keynote speaker.


@auntiekiki Hello Auntie Kiki! Do you have a delivery service?

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This week alone, 4 dogs have been poisoned in a village near mine in Greece... and there is one that lives there, Danae, who I absolutely need to rescue from this danger. She is about 2 years old, fixed, ca 25kg, super friendly and playful.

If you know ANYONE who could either foster her or was hoping to adopt a dog: please, please get in touch with me!
I have to deal with a lot of heartbreak caring for Greek strays, but I cannot lose her. I cant take her myself, but will bring her to Germany/ Berlin.

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If you're into working with humans, free software & cryptography, and you love the idea of helping news organizations break their biggest stories based on submissions by whistleblowers, you may want to come work with me! New opening at Freedom of the Press Foundation just went up - boosts appreciated:

#nonprofitjobs #securedrop

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🇬🇧 I'm curious about where all the witches are ending up. Fill in this short survey? :) I'll blog the results! 📊

Boosts very much appreciated if you're on or you know you've got followers there. <3


🇫🇷 Où vont les sorcières? Voilà un petit sondage. :) Je vais ecrire un article des resultats! 📊

Si vous ou vos amis sont sur, les boosts sont très appréciés. <3


🐘🐺🍍 Awoo!

Today I planted a dogwood tree (cornus kousa), sowed some seeds, did some raking, etc.

Every time I dig up the yard a robin shows up to look for worms in the freshly dug soil. Sometimes he makes conversation in bird-speak. Sometimes he brings a friend.

I like to think of the two of us as friends.

But is it the same robin that I see every time? I have no idea.


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