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Last year's fad: fidget spinners
This year's: things built to last
(pass it on, maybe we can trick them)

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Here are some #opensource #foss apps I use from #F–droid 

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“The true content of Occupy Wall Street was not the demand, tacked onto the movement a posteriori like a post-it stuck on a hippopotamus, for better wages, decent housing, or a more generous social security, but disgust with the life we're forced to live. Disgust with a life in which we're all alone, alone facing the necessity for each one to make a living, house oneself, feed oneself, realize one's potential, and attend to one's health, by oneself.”

(To Our Friends by The Invisible Committee)

When in Louisville, do the usual: gluttony and sloth!

Clifty Falls State Park is close to Madison, IN. Been meaning to visit for a long time! Happened to pass by, and had a couple of hours to stop by there last weekend.

Madison, Indiana has a very strong spring game for a town of its size!

I have two C/C++ projects (or maybe just one C project, not sure yet) with very broken autotools-based build system (because of "researchy" state of work, folks who worked on this modified Makefiles directly, etc.), and I am supposed to fix it.

Should I:

- Try to clean up the autotools setup?


- Throw the broken things away and start over with something like Meson?

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Software Heritage is hiring (to join Paris-based team)

"The person who will fill the position will help Software Heritage fulfilling its software preservation mission by extending archive coverage and rolling out several user-facing features that allow to access and exploit all the software we have collected. The new hire will juggle with an impressive dataset, the largest to date about software development, and contribute to a fully free software stack."

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watercolour pet portrait for my friend

those are catnip flowers!!!

#mastoart #creativetoots

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> ./
>>> Welcome back to Mastodon!
>>> You are [yomimono]. You are in some sort of wandering shop.
>>> Behind you is a weirder earth (closed), just beyond which is a famous town of witches (also closed).

> inventory

>>> You have:
>>> a computer
>>> regrets

> order coffee

>>> ☕

> program computer

>>> You make a #unikernel in #ocaml using #mirageos .

> program computer

>>> You work on a #secretProject ! it involves #crossStitch and #embroidery.

> look cat

>>> which #cat?


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Today is a good day to honour all the good things the labour movement, and labour unions, have done for humanity.

Humane treatment of employees, workers having some free time every day and the weekends off, wages they can live on and support their family, and generally not being worked to death.

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I think it's excellent to commemorate significative events like the Haymarket Massacre on #MayDay. I also think workerism is a drag and we must learn to think beyond the industrial era that created the concept of the subordinate worker. The show must move on.

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