In the process of ditching off the Linux-libre kernel in favour of OpenBSD, Hyperbola is actually using Xenocara and LibreSSL; LibreSSL's been switched to OpenSSL by Void Linux, which was choiced as upstream by Project Trident while abandoning FreeBSD. The GNU+Linux/*BSD ping-pong game is a thing. :catPOWER:

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TBlock version 0.0.1 has been released !

It is currently a pre-release, to ensure that bugs (if there are any) will be patched before any official release.

#AdBlocker #Anticapitalist #FOSS #Codeberg

I was somewhat curious about Solus, one of the few non-derivative, rolling release, desktop (and newbie-frienly) oriented GNU+Linux distro. And hey, it's OK. Performs reasonably well even in a VM with my crappy laptop, it's very nice OOTB and not very bloated but with all of today's essentials (the ones I like & -mostly- the ones I don't). Budgie is very intuitive and sports simplicity, and you can kind of emulate Redmond or Cupertino setups easily. And now get back to work!

# The "cancel culture" loop, in a nutshell.
angry_mob_1 = "Hey, this guy's a monster, let's remove him from all public positions!"
angry_mob_2 = "No dudes, he's great and you got an agenda, let's remove YOU instead!"
while True:
if angry_mob_1 or angry_mob2:
print("You are disgusting and it's you who must be removed!")
except: shutUpAndWriteTheCode

Hi, this is Puffy. Yes, they is puffy, that's probably why is kinda slow but, as it's mostly air, is very lean, and does their best to not let in anything fishy. It's still young (I guess) and can't get its own WiFi, so I made they a home and is now my guest. I really love them. :owi:

Using vim for everything is making wonders to my nail polish. :bongoCat:

I really love Ulver, from their Black/Folk Metal days, to their experimental, mostly electronic oddities after that. Yes, they are unpredictable and they sometimes fail, but fail is something I can relate. And they have gems like (*breathes deeply*) ATGCLVLSSCAP. Such beauty's been the soundtrack of so many uglyness, so thanks for all the fish.

Food for thought. All of reality -past, present and future- is translatable as binary information; let's see what this means to "free" will.

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Open docx file -> save as HTML -> read it with w3m

How to make my life easier in 3 easy steps

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OK, #Alpine linux up and running...


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I've just installed OpenBSD in an old PC. It's working great. Installation process is simple and pretty straight forward. And the number of package installed by default is impressive.

The most awesome part is RAM consumption. Only 79 MB. I'm loving the experience

#openbsd #bsd #fvwm

"Ingenious ideas are simple. Ingenious software is simple. Simplicity is the heart of the Unix philosophy. The more code lines you have removed, the more progress you have made. As the number of lines of code in your software shrinks, the more skilled you have become and the less your software sucks."

Let's being bad.
Talking about freedom. Let's seriously discuss its limits.
Talking about software "user-friendly-ness". Does "easy" has to mean "bloated and overcomplicated"?
Talking about music, books, cinema, culture. Is the disneyfication of society making our brains really slower?
Talking about ethics of "convenience". Are all the big enterprises' services so "convenient" we just have to accept them?
Don't be weak. Just be.


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