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i mean the battery was 4 years old and probably gonna need replacing in the spring. the whole replacement was $230. my hood is damaged, who knows how much that is gonna be to repair. some asshole took away my sense of neighborhood and safety for $18, because that's the recycling fee!

im drinking a beer because fuck today is already wasted and what the fuck am i

my car battery GOT STOLEN last night

wtf I've lived in Mar Vista for YEARS and the worst thing that's happened is teens riding bikes at 3 am playing music.

me reading about the rockstar crunch when my dumbass hasn't left the studio before 12 am in over a week

me reading about the rockstar crunch when my dumbass hasn't left the studio before 12 am in over a week

i finish my portfolio page

i... am so tired. i cannot celebrate yet

need to get lunch tomorrow and answer like ten email then im going home and lying on the couch

i think i should be switching to a more plant based diet

my hands hurt so bad from these 10+ hours long days these past two weeks
ill be done today but omg

in all fairness i havent had a day off in almost two weeks since i found out about the CNS Academy and i still have more work to do for it and oh man i want it so bad

ive been stealing food out of the fridge all day at work

im sorry friends ill buy some pizza

found out the app is due today actually NOT tomorrow and im a big dumb idiot!!!! it's gonna be ok im just stressing

gonna spend all of tuesday catching up on inktober and making a giant mess at glitch city

remembering when i used to hang out at the women's center at UCSD, some men got mad it was a 'women's-only' space, so we invited them to one of our weekly gatherings and then invited a bunch of doulas who told us about natural birth and general birthing info. they all left within 20 minutes and didn't bother us again lmao

accidentally took a two hour nap after sleeping for 8 hours

this app is ruining meeeee

guess who is working more instead of going to indiecade

passive aggresively suggesting people playing music on their laptop speakers play it from the chromecast

dont care who you are, lapstop speakers sound like SHIT

getting the feeling i am the only person who cares about the party at glitch city tonight

there's three other people here, two are going to a move and one is hermiting upstairs 'so they can keep working when people show up' :|

having a friend look over my boards and lmao went from 'hey i have a chance' to 'im a drolling moron who should never pick up a pencil again' real quick

the competition for this CNS Academy thing is gonna be insane. Ugh. I hope I am not wasting my time.

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