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my mom liked acoustic stuff and David Bowie and Dad only liked rock music with female leads ( which whips ass in hind sight) but I kinda glossed over it as a kid because that's 'old people music'

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I think this might've been my first exposure to political music? Vietnam protest songs were 'old' to me and I kinda dismissed them.

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I'm pretending to be 14 and listening to Toxicity. I think I know all of the words to System of a Down's first three albums.

i'm depressed as hell about thanksgiving

it's normally a multi day celebration of food and feasting with my family

this year it's gonna be outside and minimal

i just want normal things

even after my years of extravagant, sinful shitting, my toilet always looks pristine and new, though i have never so much as picked up a toilet brush. my society friends shake their heads in wonder, but when they ask me my secret i simply shake my head with a mysterious smile. meanwhile, an oil painting of a disgusting fucked up old toilet gathers dust in my attic, a fresh spray of diarrhoea materialising across the canvas each morning

Boy and I are doing the courthouse wedding thing in a few weeks. Since you can't eat at restaurants I guess we'll get in and out and go home after. It turbo sucks. Was going to eat something tasty.

i'm stressed about thanksgiving yall

and the holidays in general

The kittens start their day by crawling into bed with us then fighting until it's breakfast.

i've decided to become a christian heretic who believes that there are 12 missing chapters of one of the 4 gospels, but only one of them 

call that bigger luke theory

the boy is freaking out about the election and there's nothing we can really do about it and all of the smiling jokes about 'haha it's the last week of america as we know it!' 'maybe we'll die in a nuclear war in a few weeks' 'make sure to pack everything sentimental in case we can't come back' is really wearing on me

i get it gallows humor but woof

The Frog Fractions Cinematic Universe bundle is still on sale through the weekend, in case you are interested. Alternatively you could wait until Monday and give me even more money.

Also turns out Gumbo is a girl! Haha! We we told boy at the rescue and it honestly looked like she had little black balls! Poor lil lady was in heat too so she's really uncomfortable.

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They're just in their carriers but they're so unhappy it's killing me. I want to snuggle them and take their pain away.

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