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the only troops i support are the ones i buy cookies from

gm gamers. that epic moment when u take that first sip of coffee

After 2 weeks and multiple health screenings, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to the fucking garbage because that’s where we belong. ☺️

Doesn't help I confused Lunar New Year with V Day. Bleh. Brain is tired.

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I know Valentine's Day is a bullshit holiday but I had a nice meal planned but the boy went and bought a pizza and I'm kind of hurt.

the only super bowl i care about is the one i'm gonna smoke later

I've been avoiding calling maintenance for the last month because of the surge in LA
but the unit below us is having a bad water leakage problem so there's been guys in and out for days

An ok night got turned into a shitty night real quickly and I'm kind of mad about it

cw bitchy 

I guess part of me feels this way

I did help them. with opportunities. and a community. mmmmm

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cw bitchy 

she never responded when i asked for her address to send a holiday card :(

didn't just mean to make this sound like a money thing

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cw bitchy 

so there's a friend who I know is doing well in her career who regularly brags semi publicly about her salary, who hasn't responded to *any* of my messages in... six months? Who hasn't donated to the space I help run despite promising to and also has been commissioning art from other friends and I am a LITTLE SALTY about it. Also said she'd drop off cake once but didn't.

Getting evaluated tomorrow to see if I have the ah dee ache dee so uh wish me luck I guess

people who believe machines can experience consciousness are too cowardly to admit that this implies that a game of magic the gathering could be sentient

sad I am less active on old art sites like tumblr because now I just see less horny fanart

i made a fart that was so loud and smelly one of the cats hissed at me and tried to bite my butt

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