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i got dental insurance!!!! wow! thanks covered california

haven't been to a dentist in like five years D:

im learning to rotoscope and i am having a good time

kinda want to throw an extremely low key holiday party

wish my apartment wasn't so small

this community means the world to me and i honestly don't think i'd be here without it. i love everyone here and spending time with them!

i went to the fancy sony santa monica holiday party last weekend. tonight is glitch city's. We're gonna have hot cocoa and watch die hard

i picked out EXTREMELY good holiday presents for people this year and I am taking a lot of pride in that

i need to make more of a point to get up early and get some sun because boy howdy does this LA native need a shitload of sunlight to feel normal

"minty i'm sick of white people sci-fi"

this is a lead in to my intro to afrofuturism, it's very simple. anyways:

My Soul to Keep: Tanarive Due, about a woman who's married to a millennia old immortal black man

The Prey of Gods: Nicky Drayden, about a demigoddess who feeds on fear in South Africa

An Unkindness of Ghosts: Rivers Solomon, about a self-taught neurodiverse healer on a spaceship looking for a new home

Galaxy Game: Karen Lord, about a black boy with super-powers

my favorite game right now is 'will my pc boot on the first try'

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i wish i could play the witcher 3 again for the first time

i just need like, a long ass rpg to lose myself in

i put away my clean, folded laundry from around two weeks ago so you can say i am really getting my life together

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did something happen yesterday? I got followed by a bunch of pizza accounts

im at the 'waking up every day feeling exhausted' stage and it's fun to wonder if it's depression or burnout or i am getting sick or all three

you can tell my brain is irredeemably broken because when i see the phrase 'federated timeline' or 'fediverse' it makes me think of k-fed, who was britney spears' partner in the early 00's.

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