As a younger teen my best friend at the time and her mom and I took the train to DTLA from Long Beach one weekend. After we were seated, her mom, a cop, pulled her service gun out of her purse and told us not to worry, she'd protect us.

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i'd honestly forgotten about this event until today, and that her mom was a cop. i kind of lost touch with the friend in high school because she was boy crazy and i was more academically inclined. she called me immature once and i just accepted it because i didn't want to tell her i didn't need attention from men to feel good about myself lmao.

bitchy i know. also inconsequential. she wasn't wrong but i guess i had a little resentment from being 'the nerd friend' she could take to the movies without being under her parents thumb to meet up with boys since they thought i wouldn't let her do stuff like that.

i had my rebellious streak i guess but i knew how to pick fights better than her.

anyway thanks for listening to my early teen memories. it's diary time here on ol' mastadon

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