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there's a post in /aita where a dude is complaining he never wants to take his wife out to dinner because everything she cooks is better and he posted a picture of her food and it's the most medicore picture of a steak with unseasoned frozen veggies and plain white rice. Like dang dude, A) give your wife a break, B) where the heck do you live where that that is something special and C) maybe take her someplace nice and D) lmao

if you are not an anarchist by 20 you have no heart. if you are not a tankie by 30 you have no brain

I like the people staying with us but four adults cannot share a bathroom

Holy shit do not spend 40 minutes in there in the mornings I can't pee in the kitchen sink

US christian institutions: "hmm i wonder why we have no credibility among anyone under 40 when we spent their entire youth mobilizing hundreds of million dollars to fight moral panics that we made up instead of addressing any problems of social justice"

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we've had guests since sunday (we're all vaxed) and boy howdy I could use some time to myself

blocking social media during the day has been great for me and my productivity but it is annoying when the first search result is on reddit and I have to copy paste it into an incog window

i do go through consumption / production cycles and maybe I am just in a production cycle

maybe the extroversion was my lifelong untreated adhd πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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the issue is i want to hang out less. fewer movies, tv shows, gaming. less magic. we're able to go out and meeting people outside for dinner and I just... don't want to as much. has my brain chemistry been altered so I am an introvert now???? is it just the shock of everything changing? is it an actual desire to create?

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i'm at a weird stage where my feeling mentally and emotionally better than I have in... years... combination of many life changes and meds, therapy, working out, positive health changes. as a result i'm weirdly wanting to work... more? make more things?

since im also vaccinated it's probably time to go to the doc for some non important health stuff.... bleeeeehhhhhh

since the boy and i are vaccinated now we have two friends visiting who are avoiding their crazy parents. unfortunately this means two other humans are witness to how incredibly stupid we've become over the past year. boy and i pretty much spend the entire day pointing at the cats.

What games actually have good fun satisfying fishing that are easy to learn? I feel like I've never played a good fishing minigame, the best is probably Animal Crossing because it's hard to fuck up. If I ever made a fishing minigame I want it to... not... suck....

I'm also biased because so many of these games hurt my hands.

the idea i have is pretty half baked. there's certain things I absolutely Do Not Want in it so i guess that helps!

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as a creator i've been really limited by what I can do because i can't... program. i've been afraid to try i guess

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im trying to put together a lil prototype for a game and learning a lil love2d.... it's hard lol

EGS started using the 2k launcher for some of their games and now none of my expansion works though it recognizes that they're installed. rad!

it's gonna rule when the rest of the world is zipping around on bullet trains and the US is still stuck with cars like the equivalent of your transit infrastructure being based on horses and buggies in 1950

just got a text from the NHS... I am eligible to chat with hot milfs in my area

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