hi soz for not using this very often but find it v hard 2 keep up with two platforms and also feel a bit like i dont have many pals on here lmao

periods, negative 

i am cramping so so bad!!!!!!!! i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i absolutely do not need a uterus i wish i could just get rid of it. and i don't even have it that bad i get one like every 4 months and they're relatively average ones. ppl who have heavy periods every single month are braver than the troops

also if any of u have steam my username is adventureowl I wld love 2 play games 2gether!!

are there any instances for Carly Rae Jepsen fans 2 connect and talk about how cool and nice she is

DIY show idea: "all that we can do with this emulsion," hosted by Carly Rae Jepsen. she kicks you out of your house for a day, paints your dog bubblegum pink and turns your house into a pop banger

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real talk if you think one of my posts is some kind of "ist" (racist, sexist, exclusionist") tell me and i will delete it no questions asked

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It’s great when u make a good purchase and the cats are happy

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here’s some more!! also if u wanna help support my lil baby business u can like, buy stuff from this wishlist, bc rn I’m not making any profit and things are tight. amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishl

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if I had infinite money but I was only allowed to spend it on daft things I would go to paperchase every single day

haven't had a chance to have a wee all day and I'm v scared if my taxi driver is too enthusiastic that I will actually wee myself

hobbies: throwing my pens into my tote bag instead of putting them in my pencil case and stabbing myself in the leg with them 400 times a day

my favourite thing ever is going to paperchase cos I grew up in a sort of posh area even tho we were w/c so loads of my mates had paperchase stuff and I could never afford it AND NOW I'M AN ADULT WITH A CREDIT CARD

I got my management training book at work!!!! ya boy is gonna be a keyholder x

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Here's a nice picture I took of a seagull gazing wistfully into the distance.

leaving work at ten to eight to get to my shift, which starts at eleven, on time. welcome to hell! welcome to hell! welcome to hell!

hobbies: looking at my hamsters and saying hello babies!!!!!!!!

if anyone ever wants 2 talk about hamsters or is thinking of getting one as a pet and has any questions pleaaaase hit me up i could talk about hamster care for literal days

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i love my hamsters so much!!! they are so sweet and they bring me so much joy and i rlly rlly hope they like me lol

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