I wonder if I should admit to being a twitter refugee, now that twitter has suspended my account. Twitter has many problems, but you do get to hear those you disagree with. I hope this isn't an echo chamber!

Here's a story that describes what happened:

And here's one that gloats over my suspension:

The rest is upto you :-)

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@saliltripathi so was sanjay hegde. Mastodon hasn't quite caught on like twitter but its a safe space. Was following you on twitter. I think you will get it back!

@vernal_equinox @saliltripathi sanjay had been told the why and how to get it back. He chose not to remove that picture which supposedly was the reason for suspension. (pic of one guy NOT hailing hitler). In Salil's case it's a bhakt driven thing, a gang called deshi army that did mass reporting. Twitter fell for it. Hoping they will fix the stupidity soon

@saliltripathi Now we will at last spend more time on Mastodon till your account is restored on Twitter

Trust you have appealed for suspension-cancellation to Twitter

This is how I survive on Twitter after being suspended twice

1. Don’t engage with people who are reporting me WHILE arguing with me
2. Blocking paid RW trolls right left and centre - 10K plus at current count


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