imaging some floppies that are as old as I am. here's hoping somebody images me someday.

Hello @wilkie, Just curiosity (may be a dumb one) -- do you take (physical) floppy disks for archiving? I've quite a few of them. 😀

@salimrezanewton yes, I do! not a dumb question at all. a few people have already donated their disks to have them imaged and publicly archived.


@wilkie O, that's a great thing. Really great.

I didn't understand the "image" thing. Would you please tell me how does a floppy disk imaged.

I live in Bangladesh. How do I send my floppy disks to you.

Actually I love my floppy disks very much. They are being destroyed by dust and damp day by day. That pains me.

I could be wonderful thing of I could donate them to your archive.


@salimrezanewton re: imaging

a floppy disk stores information by magnetizing a ferrous material in some pattern that encodes digital data. it is actually an analog format, so imaging it means recording the signals the magnetic head reads (the "flux": strength of the magnetic pull) as it turns.

I have dedicated hardware that will read a floppy image in real time and record the flux pattern. (analog image means it is a 20-40MiB file vs. 720K/1.44MB disk!) I have a few different drives as well.

@wilkie Thank you so much for clarifying floppy disk imaging. It was delighting to learn about it.

@salimrezanewton re: donating to me

if you email me at I can give you my address and I will also be willing to pay for the shipping if you let me know how I might do that

@wilkie That's a very modest offer from your side. Thank you very much.

My email address:

I stay in Bangladesh. No idea about your postal system.

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