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We’re for election officials across the US who put security measures into place before the election—so errors and mistakes like those in Antrim Co, MI were caught and corrected. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/11/elec

A data broker used protestors' cell phone information without their knowledge to release demographic estimates of recent protests against police violence. This is a huge invasion of privacy and yet another reason why we need robust data protection laws. buzzfeednews.com/article/carol

I reverse engineered and deobfuscated a malicious Excel document that came in a phishing email. Here's the write-up tech.firstlook.media/reverse-e


an exhibition that will remain closed to the public

The exhibition is a series of about forty portraits of Julian painted by M. Manetas between February and April of this year.


smart initiative in #Rome: @esposizioni hosts an exhibition: a series of portraits of Julian #Assange by @Miltos. The exhibition will admit NO visitors, as Julian #Assange remains completely isolated in the #Belmarsh high-security prison: palazzoesposizioni.it/mostra/t … twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/12

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🔁 🎗Christine Assange Retweeted:
Bean🔥 @SomersetBean

Julian Assange TODAY:
1 year in max security prison in London
nearly 10 years arbitrarily detained in UK
over 2 years prevented from work as a journalist
over 4 years since UN ruled he must be freed & compensated
persecuted for speaking truth to power
#FreeAssange twitter.com/MrsC_Assange/statu
#Assange #JulianAssange #London #UN

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Street Art Gallery

Automated gallery (in random order) of street-art all around the World in defense of Julian Assange.


Feel free to upload new pieces and hopefully get inspired to make your own actions and join or create support groups!

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John Pilger @johnpilger

Whenever I met Julian #Assange in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, we whispered or exchanged notes. Hidden cameras and mics were everywhere, even in the toilet, planted by spies acting for "American friends". Read this expose of a crime against us all. thegrayzone.com/ twitter.com/georgegalloway/sta
#Ecuador #London

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Certbot is part of EFF’s larger effort to encrypt the entire Internet. Along with HTTPS Everywhere, Certbot aims to build a network that is more structurally private, safe, and protected against censorship. certbot.eff.org/

The FBI claims to have bypassed security on phones used by the Pensacola shooters without cryptographic backdoors, undermining its continued calls to weaken encryption.

The BND surveillance of online traffic is unconstitutional because basic rights such as freedom of the press and the secrecy of telecommunications also apply to foreigners. Thus, their communication must not be monitored.

Consider, in the case where somebody wants their out-of-print software to be widely distributed, you'd still need to borrow a Windows 3.1 license in order to use it. Therefore, no downstream developer can reliably archive their work until copyright lapses on the OS. Ridiculous.

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When you communicate online using end-to-end encryption, each person you send a message to has their own unique public key. But how do you know which public key to use? ssd.eff.org/en/module/key-veri

Tuned into the Microsoft Build stream for like 15 minutes, and it's been kind of like watching a car accident so far. I just can't listen unironically to people who are there 100% for the mortgage, and 0% because they're actually excited about contributing to humankind in some way. The amount of fake excitement and marketing bullshit bingo is through the roof as well.

Our Surveillance Self-Defense site contains over forty guides in eleven languages, filled with tips on how to protect your communications and privacy online! Share it widely: Ssd.eff.org

Our advice to organizations that consider sharing aggregate location data: avoid sharing “deidentified” or “anonymized” location data that is not aggregated. It doesn't work. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/04/how-

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