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Just joined .

Opened two account on two instances.

Is that okay?

How do I search across the instances, i.e. the whole peertube network?

Asking for a friend here.

I couldn't agree more. Also, #mastodon has been trending quite a lot in #India following #twitter's repeated lockouts of Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Hegde's account. He has since opened an account on Mastodon to avoid #censorship.
It's a great opportunity to spread awareness of mastodon, FOSS, and the Fediverse! Several national dailies like The Hindu have also published about this.

UN special rapporteur exposes Swedish sexual misconduct frame-up of

Despite never having been charged with a crime, Sweden’s investigation provided the pseudo-judicial pretext for embroiling Assange in the legal system.

LONDON, Tuesday 5 November 6 p.m.

Free concert on #GuyFawkes for Assange's freedom

@MIAuniverse, @Lowkey0nline will perform in front of UK Home Office


Today 6pm in front of UK Home Office

#GuyFawkes #FreeAssange

@miauniverse and @Lowkey0nline perform (free of charge)

Norwegian street-artist AFK's 'Persecution' on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Hill Street, Perth, Australia!

Special message to Aus. Prime Minister "Where is your backbone? Stop the torture and bring him Back!"

#FreeAssange He stood up and exposed a tiny amount of the goonerment goonsquad crimes. For this they want him dead. This should be a concern of everyone who cherishes Liberty. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be very many people...

not Voldemort, but #EricCiaramella

Protect the #whistleblower?
What about #Assange?
What about NSA whistleblowers that Obama adm tried to jail like Binney, Drake

It all depends on whether the CIA likes you or wants to kill you …

#DavidKnight #Infowars #Obama

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