One more anti-CAA protester dies in UP's Firozabad, toll touches 24

In Masrurganj a daily- wage worker, Mohammad Abrar 28, who took a bullet in his spinal cord

He is survived by six-year-old son Mohammad Yusuf & physically-challenged wife Farhana Begum.

Akhil Gogoi, one of the prominent anti-CAB protests leaders in Assam, arrested around 8:30 pm.


Disagree with him, Hate him, his politics, despise him, abuse him, call him BJP agent or whatever.
But, when it mattered showed the courage & held high the great history of disobedience of this country & tore the damn bill.


Hari Shankar Trivedi, Ram Kishor Trivedi, Shivam Trivedi, Shubham Trivedi & Umesh Vajpayee raped a woman.

They set her ablaze. Women died.

News paper like Indian Express reported she died because of Cardiac Arrest!

This is matter of shame. #UnnaoHorror

Such nationalism, much wow. Available against a discount.

India activates a 2800KM+Danger zone from the Wheeler Island (Abdul Kalam Island) Integrated Test Range over the & for a possible BM/LRM test
Launch Window - 30 NOV 2019 - 01 DEC 2019

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Access to justice in Kashmir—an excellent ground report from the high court, criminal courts and special UAPA courts By Saima Bhat
Justice Delayed


#ElectoralBonds: 99% of the purchases are of ₹1 crore & ₹10 lakh denomination, and most took place in Mumbai

One of the main reasons behind the coup at wee hours to grab Maharashtra by the DD (diabolical duo) is the abundance of money bags there ;)

democracy eroded to a point where it has become a kingdom with courtiers, courtesans and mercenaries.

@Bebeembop I would call the ancestries, Andamanese Hunter Gatherer (or Ancient Ancestral South Indian) very similar to the Onge (Andaman Islands), Indus Valley (a mix of AHG & Iran Pre-Neolithic & Neolithic) & lastly Steppe (or Arya.) Remember before 10000 years there were just the AHG, descendants of the first humans from Africa as they took the coastal route around the Indian Ocean reaching Australia by 50000 years ago.

@Bebeembop We have sampled every living tribe and people on earth and everyone outside Africa can trace their descent (both paternal & maternal) to Africa about 70000 years ago - Europeans, East Asians, Indians, SouthEast Asians & Australian Aborigines & Papuans. WE ARE ALL AFRICANS IF YOU GO BACK 70000 YEARS.

When caught out, the likes of Trump & Netanyahu cry conspiracy. Netanyahu refuses to resign after being indicted, and a forklift will have to be used on Trump too. As for India’s Snoopendra Modi, he will blackmail and bribe his way to stay in power (and cry conspiracy as well). These RW despots, bah!

When will be get rid of Mian Nawaz Sharif's health/corruption/son/daughter issues from TV, ?

Sometimes feel bad for India. Imagine being governed by the likes of Modi, Shah, Yogi, Sadhvi etc. Other times I feel they wanted what they got.🤷‍♀️

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