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instead of paralyzing myself with doubt and fear and guilt on a regular basis I could take the easy way out and quit and maybe do something that might make me happy

I don't have confidence in my ability to consistently make work so why continue to disappoint people by doing things I know I can't actually finish in a fair amount of time

I could finish painting this book and just stop. like. not make anything else after that.

Ok but what if I just sort of... stopped being an artist.

walking into this bar in a baby blue fur coat, the change in air pressure blew my hair back, Toto's Africa played over the sound system, and I finally knew what it felt like to be complete

Whenever I sit down and just think about stuff I feel irrationally guilty that I'm not actively working. THIS IS BAD!!!

It's very important to remember that in creative work of any kind (this includes things like programming tbh), the more time you spend getting your thoughts in order, the smoother your execution will be. Even just taking a walk and letting your brain air out a little can be invaluable. 100% efficiency does not mean 100% active work.

US pol, savagery 

now I'm not claiming to be a genius or anything but how many casseroles did YOU make topped with cheddar bay biscuit mix

that's what I THOUGHT

I just passed someone in the hall and ran smack-dab into a scent that transported me to a Bath & Body Works at christmas time in 1998.

to the tune of "I've Got No Strings" 

I miss my snuggle buddies! Why can't I just bring my dogs to work and get paid to lavish them with kisses, I ask you!

heck yeah I'm an artist 

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