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Samantha Kyle ate too much

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I am super cute today, y'all can't handle this cuteness.

I just passed someone in the hall and ran smack-dab into a scent that transported me to a Bath & Body Works at christmas time in 1998.

to the tune of "I've Got No Strings" Show more

I miss my snuggle buddies! Why can't I just bring my dogs to work and get paid to lavish them with kisses, I ask you!

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Goo Goo Dolls in the cafeteria today 💕

The library got a request to buy more romance comics, I assume manga mostly. Does anyone here have recommendations? It doesn't have to be brand new but all-age or teen appropriate is a plus.

Cooper mushed his face into the crook of my arm and snuggled on me hard core for like fifteen minutes and it was perfect and adorable but now that spot is all itchy and covered in little hives I love him so much but it's real hard being allergic to my own dog

home feeling gross today so I'm gonna try to paint when I feel less gross

I am also perpetually under caffeinated so you can throw a coffee at me if you're so inclined

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There was so much chicken stock that I had to freeze a bunch of it.

Really looking forward to that chicken soup later this week, tho! Yum yum yummy yum yum

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I've put a whole chicken in the pressure cooker and the house smells amazing.

Marinated venison steaks with mushrooms, pomegranate salad, baked sweet potatoes, and a glass of red wine that's just a little bit too cold.