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'Ola, buddies! I am an independent editor of manuscripts. I am thorough with my work, and always ensure it is worth the clients' investments. The link below explains more : via 🌻🌻

The trial on 11 year old Khair Mohammad during the Non Cooperation movement in 1922

Bad narrators ruin your audiobook experience.

Kind request to those who are using to cross post.

Kindly turn off posting of RTs and QTs. It is adding a lot of noise here in :mastodon: and we still use Twitter :)


Love talking about the movies, and teaching it too. I run Breakfast@Cinema with my husband which is about teaching films and film appreciation while also using the medium for learning and development for individuals and teams. Anything to do with giving cinema culture a boost, we're interested!
Looking forward to some great cinema conversations!

uncaptioned image; Twitter screenshot; islamophobia 

Absolutely wild seeing fucking @LuigiEsq with a pilgrim hat lauded as a shining example of moderation

'Ola, buddies! I am an independent editor of manuscripts. I am thorough with my work, and always ensure it is worth the clients' investments. The link below explains more : via 🌻🌻

If we accepted that we have the right to criticise those above us, it would mean accepting that those below us have the right to criticise us.

So we don't. And we say that Ministers should not be criticised and that we should always respect those in positions of power.

We are saving ourselves by saving the system. Every act of devotion to our leaders is an act of self defence.

So the instance has already added casteism and advocation of casteism as offenses in their community guidelines. Mastodon could actually become an inclusive online safe space for people couldn't it?

By a show of trunks, who thought those could actually exist?

I don't beta read much, but I am glad I'd read this book. Now published, and with good amount of changes from the time I had read it, it has a climax I had helped a little in ideating with, but I have no idea how the book ends. Which is what makes me look forward to reading it even more.

A unique story, very well-written!

Follow @samarpitadotin on instagram for updates on books, writing, and such.
More about my work on

Are there courses to understand and learn ? I really, really want to learn.

If you are angry and vindictive even in what you call a win, it must be a horrible place inside your mind.

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

"This is to clarify that the accounts of Shri @RahulGandhi, Smt. @PriyankaGandhi or that of @Incindia on Social Media platform, Mastodon are not authentic."

~Indian National Congress on Twitter.

@majchowdhury @dushyant @AdvManoj

Some Qs re Mastodon:

Say this service grows to have 600 mn users across instances. One anon user on an instance toots a revenge porn video. Many across other instances boost it.

Q1. How will Mastodon deal with it?
Q2. How will an aggrieved party get justice?
Q3. How will an instance deal with it?
Q4. What can a govt do? What can't it do?
Q5. Will shutting down an instance be an option if it refuses to take down video? What will users on that instance, who haven't committed a crime do?

Funnily enough, Twitter's Q3 earnings fell because it has not been able to target its ads properly, the company said. But if its ad targeting is not working, how will it target abuse?

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Hi @Deepsealioness, I am Samarpita. An ex-deskie, now a full-time freelance editor, content creator, and a travel writer. I blog on travel and writing, and recently published an ebook on Kindle. More on my work, published work, and how to work with me on ☺️
I am left of center, and have low tolerance to disrespect towards anybody.
Would love to know ppl I didn't know/follow on Birdsite.

Jay Amit Shah has not filed his return, even though he is a rare success story under whose business has grown by 15000% in the last 5 years.

BJP has not filed ANY of the Mandatory filings related to election expenses or declare the Party income (6000 crs of Electrol bonds) with the EC (who has not objected either)

No corruption is involved, they are just good at blackmailing & accepting bribes.

Hello to everyone in the community. I'm a Data Analyst for a telecommunications solutions company on weekdays and a ( of and by the weekend.

I'm in the pipeline to publish 12 zines throughout 2020 that's one zine month. If you wish to contribute to one of the upcoming editions, do drop me a Toot/DM and we shall take it from there.

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