im stuck in the comic thumbnail mines this week. But i wanna keep posting stuff here! So a little crop from verse book 3

i used to have an extensive bookmark list for design sites that catalogued ephemera like this. And i want the same thing for comics/illustration!

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share with me your fav sites for looking at cool art. One I found today that I've been stuck looking at and this one that I've set to be my home page so I can pick a random thing to see everyday

the last time i posted here Verse was a wee baby. Now I'm half-way through completing Book 3 (that's like 500+ pages)!

HELLO. I had to do some juggling to redirect another account to this one. But now I can actually log in and follow folks!

I haven't painted in years and years, but still thought I'd give it a try for some Christmas gifts for mom and dad. My mom's into fishing so... a belted kingfisher, and my dad loves our old kitty Stella so I painted her !

oh you know just wanted to do a nice little 6 page contribution to this anthology, yeah (makes it about robots and comes up with the most detail-heavy layouts ever)

I've not really been on social media for 2 weeks and it's been nice. on the other hand I haven't drawn much either, but ah well, it felt like a needed break.

hmm yeah...(buys the sims 4 pet expansion like a fool). These virtual kitties will fill the emptiness

while sketching out some new outfits for fife + neitya, i also tried a short-haired fife, and it feels incredibly cursed.

becauuuse we technically meet Ophelia in the last update, here is her character card!

She has a very strong sense of justice. If she doesn't agree with something she will forge her own way. Her leadership style is less inspired talks, and more taking action and throwing herself (literally and figuratively) into the problem to deal with it.

im happy i managed to layout these 6 pages and not use any dialog. I really hope the story is clear...

uh dragon age 2 is still my fav, i don't care what anyone has to say about it as a game. 💃

i actually kind of forgot that Branca appears relatively soon in the comic? I haven't drawn either of them in so long...

I say this about every in Verse, but I am SO excited for these two. The lady on the right is Branca, the most illustrious leader of the cult known as the Iron Gate. On the left is Liv, her right-hand woman, bodyguard, etc.

im working on some layouts for planetside anthology and wow.. it's a really nice change from the usual fantasy stuff I do 🤖

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