hewwo, i should use mastodon more, my brain has trouble juggling more then 2 social media platforms, but this community is super nice

(sorry masto gets a lot of complaint posts but...) 

I get that spec work is bad, but I understand certain requests are useful, however... if I've done spec work for 3 different projects, and you are asking me a fourth time, hey... I think you know what my work looks like at this point. (fool me once shame on you, fool me 3 times shame on me? yeah)

i grow more powerful whenever i receive a comment on Verse that calls out Fife for being kind of shitty in the past few updates. (mmm validation)

my new years goal was to do less / be healthy and yet i have all these projects on the horizon in January (that were agree too in 2017) and I feel extremely overwhelmed.

I haven't painted in years and years, but still thought I'd give it a try for some Christmas gifts for mom and dad. My mom's into fishing so... a belted kingfisher, and my dad loves our old kitty Stella so I painted her !

oh you know just wanted to do a nice little 6 page contribution to this anthology, yeah (makes it about robots and comes up with the most detail-heavy layouts ever)


hey, did you know you can get all my comics either for ~free~ or $2 here: sambeck.itch.io/

Cadmus and Songs for the Dead are also on comixology! bit.ly/2ASmP4d

a tired vent 

i wish i had some sort of indicator to let me know if I'm really bad/slow at everything, or if I'm just doing too much. Because the feeling currently is "what you're doing is never enough".

don't feel 100% comfy sharing on twitter, but i did some spec work for Clueless awhile back and i've always been fond of these 3 panels.


hi friends! moved off of patreon for a few reason, and now just have a simple dev blog for Verse that everyone can read.

There is also a new post with some writing on the backgrounds of my main cast! (you can also subscribe for updates from the menu :D)

🌟 www.blog.versecomic.com🌟

i kinda want to close my patreon and just make a dev blog for verse. Not so much because of this bad update, but def reminded again because of it. I just have an immense amount of guilt because I update so infrequently!!

I also think i'll be more willing to share throw-away writing and stuff and not worry so much about making it a big production -_-

I've not really been on social media for 2 weeks and it's been nice. on the other hand I haven't drawn much either, but ah well, it felt like a needed break.

glad to report it worked. I played the sims for 5 hours and now straight to bed.

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hmm yeah...(buys the sims 4 pet expansion like a fool). These virtual kitties will fill the emptiness

every just re-install games that you think you want to play, and then once they're booted up shut off the console immediately? I need new games to play.. with heavy story and plot preferably

songs for the dead is getting re-released, so art that's almost 2 years old is getting press again? And it's rough... But also encouraging that I've improved in those 2 years.

im the worsSst at fashion. All i know is i gotta keep the same silhouettes when i change character's outfits, or i personally will have a hard time

while sketching out some new outfits for fife + neitya, i also tried a short-haired fife, and it feels incredibly cursed.


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