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I love how Mastodon, Pleroma, XMPP, IRC and IMAP/SMTP all remain useable on low bandwidth and high latency situations while Twitter / Gmail / Discord and the rest of our lovely corporate overlords just gives up and sits down like an angry llama.

@galaxis I have built that from ports, but it does not build libgccjit, which is like an auxiliary library which is bundled with GCC.

I need to pass some custom arguments to the "configure" script. I noticed that when we do "make" for a port, it builds the source in another directory owned by root. I need to be able to clone that state of GCC's source code, run the "configure" script with different argument so that it builds libgccjit as well.

I need to build libgccjit so that I can try out the native-compilation in Emacs.

I learnt that OpenBSD maintains its own fork of GCC. I tried and failed after many attempts to get the mainline GCC compiled.

What's the easiest way in which I can check out a particular version of OpenBSD's fork of GCC compile libgccjit and install it. I'm guessing if I want a particular version of GCC I need to checkout a particular version of OpenBSD...

Did a short talk at work on LSP in Emacs.

Used Lagrange with increased font size as the presentation viewer.

Has anyone else done a presentation using Gemini? 😂

I wrote a short Raku program to split apart a file with a delimiter "===" to separate it into slides, and then add the "next" and "prev" links.


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Linus Torvalds, anti-vaxx response 

Ha, Linus responding in length to an anti-vaxx post on kernel discussion list.

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If you are so inclined, please help me test my #OpenBSD port of devel/tea - a cli for Gitea instances.

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In a fascinating blog post, Cook enumerates all of the FLICC subtechniques, describing their relationship to the Big Five FLICC tactics, along with great, vector-based icons licensed CC BY-SA.

Here's the full taxonomy:


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Comparison is the thief of joy. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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Nyati is the Kiswahili name of buffalos, we call them 'mbogo' in our local Kimeru language.

In the past few weeks I've configured LSP modes in Emacs for Rust, Java and Clojure (in that order).

I like the uniformity of the interface. Using an LSP mode with one language, teaches you things that will be useful with another language.

Now, the only thing missing is to have a mature LSP implementation for Raku.

In the paper "A history of Clojure", Rich Hickey's breakthrough came when he was able to implement persistent data structures which allowed him to have both immutability and great performance, which is the essence of Clojure.

@codesections has made a proposal to add Persistent Data Structures to Raku!

@codesections All the best! I'll be cheering for you. 👍

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I've been really enjoying this new album from Against Evil:

They're an Indian band with a lot of classic NWOBHM & thrash influence.

My Gemini Capsule is up!!


I used to have a cool birdsite account before I deleted it. However, a large selection of those "toots" can be found here:


There are a /ton/ of toots (2K+). Let me know what you think. 😀

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I try to emulate Java’s substring function.

(defun utf16-substr (str s e) (-<> str (string-to-octets <> :encoding :utf-16be) (subseq <> (* s 2) (* e 2)) (octets-to-string <> :encoding :utf-16be)))

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This is pretty neat

"Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky" is a walk-in camera obscura that looks like a simple stone structure built by druids. A pinhole in the opening projects the tree canopy to the interior

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"I could rewrite curl" - Collected quotes and snippets from people publicly sneezing off or belittling what curl is

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