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constantly hilarious to me when people are _surprised_ that github is doing unethical things

like, have you been paying attention?

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Honestly copilot is the canary in the coal mine. We need to be ratcheting up a new set/version of FOSS licenses that treat AI's trained off the code as derivative works quickly.

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Looks like FriBidi is doing its thing!

(i.e., applying the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm)

Still need to optimize the text handling a bit to avoid repeated processing of static strings, e.g., UI labels. Text selection is also a bit wonky over RTL runs...

HarfBuzz & FriBidi mean a big step forward in supporting complex scripts. The final big issue remaining is expanding the collection of available fonts.

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imagine you're just making some mate and then accidentally discover a new phenomenon in fluid dynamics
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Launching delicate, lightweight, slow-flying, long-​duration (30 minutes), rubber band-powered aircrafts

#nerdy #oldwhitemen

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"To use your token to authenticate to an organization that uses SAML SSO, authorize the token for use with a SAML single-sign-on organization."

What the fuck does that even means

Great news for TreeSheets fans on , building the port of wxWidgets is all that is required to build TreeSheets on OpenBSD. I am excited to use it on my OpenBSD machine.

I am also using TreeSheets on my work laptop (Mac), and I'm mighty pleased that TreeSheets built without any headaches on OpenBSD.

Check it out!

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? :weirdfish:

These are two pieces of sofware I was happy to discover recently:

1. TreeSheets: This is great as a quick mind-mapper or something like a graphical Org Mode. I have been using for a while, but TreeSheets is more feature complete. May use void later on a remote node.

2. Sozi: A presentation tool that zooms around an SVG to get Prezi-like presentations! Easily to host.

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New version of telescope released: 0.3 "Spaceman" 

The last two weeks were lots of fun! I worked on telescope maybe a bit too much 😅 but it was worth it!

This new version brings:

a configuration file
new keybindings & functions (backtab, jump to next/previous heading, …)
custom protocol proxy support (the duckling-proxy is amazing!)
customizable colors!
olivetti-mode (enabled by default)

and lots of other things, the changelog is pretty long! There were also bugfixes and some optimizations (that aren’t probably noticeable unless you usually browse very very very long pages on low-powered devices.)

As always, thanks to everyone in #gemini-it over at for the support, tips and fun chit-chats!

Screenshot of telescope in the …

Congratulations to the New Zealand Test Cricket Team for winning the World Test Championship!

Was heartbroken to see you lose the 2019 World Cup on a technicality, but with this victory you have proven yourselves as world beaters. 🇳🇿

India has been playing great Test cricket for a while now, commiserations. There'll be more chances later 😢 🙏

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GitHub - ibraheemdev/modern-unix: A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands.

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Hello! I made a little cottagecore flan expansion pack. As always, these are free for fediverse use (credit appreciated). This instance has the full set for copying. I hope you enjoy them!


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