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#PixelFed is a free open federated alternative to Instagram.

It's part of the Fediverse, so you can follow PixelFed accounts from Mastodon, Pleroma etc.

You can sign up at many different instances, for example:

(You can find more instances at )

You can follow PixelFed's official account at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteInstagram #Photos #Photography

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#MineTest is a free open source game similar to MineCraft. It features both offline and online gameplay, multiplayer servers, many gameplay styles and a large amount of user created content/mods.

You can download it for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Android from the official site:

You can follow the official MineTest fediverse account here:


You can follow the MineTest developer here:


#AlternativesAtoZ #MineCraft #OpenSourceGames #FLOSS

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Want to use a link shortener on #Mastodon?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )


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