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Sosthene, I totally agree that this is a subject to be discussed. But this pattern has been repeated over the years. Pretty much all prominent core devs have been super-straight laced.
For example, people you'd expect to be enthusiastic about developing coinjoin decided not to do it (more than one), even though it's a real stretch to imagine that it's illegal or something.

This is a job for nyms, not people, ultimately (gray area for now).

@FreePietje It was pathetic to see him being ignored. Too much back-patting and congratulatory names on t-shirts nonsense going on. Time to get real again.

@Sosthene @FreePietje 1/ Notification txs are designed to allow full wallet restore from the blockchain. They are not necessary for the address derivation scheme to function. Samourai Wallet is phasing out the use of notif txs altogether. So the "space wasted" via OP_RETURN argument is moot. 2/ Not sure what the "2 txs at least 1 block apart" argument is. Sounds like severe FUD.

We're committed to expanding distribution of the full APK on platforms such as F-Droid, this is not trivial and time is needed to do safely. We will update the GitHub release page with a signed APK for side-loading this version in the coming days and will update this thread.

Samourai 0.99.05 - We've introduced Staggered Delivery to Ricochet which spaces each hop 1 block apart for a very robust upgrade to network and TX fingerprinting defense, PayNym "Refund / Pay Again" convenience, UTXO tagging, Whirlpool prep and more...



Just to add to the confusion, I'm implementing something I'm calling "payjoin" in joinmarket atm, basically = steganographic tx/p2ep/ etc. No attempt to address the merchant use-case, just wallet-wallet.

I think everyone eventually comes round to the idea that this is a very desirable kind of coinjoin :)


Thanks for linking this on birdsite, I think I must have skipped or missed it when you wrote it gist.github.com/LaurentMT/e758

Unapologetic idealists have perhaps the best chance of changing the world. Bitcoin has been built by such people, and it offers a revolutionary way of storing and exchanging value.

Thankful for projects like @samourai_official that recognize this, and are willing to take risks instead of just pandering to the masses. Removing fiat conversions really is just a small thing, but the ideal is preserved and promoted.

Just lurking around and testing how Mastodon works.

We've pushed update 0.98.87 - This one will definitely ruffle feathers, but we hope you understand. Read why we decided to remove all fiat currency from Samourai Wallet in our latest blog post. Plus Samourai now available in Chinese and 11 other languages blog.samouraiwallet.com/post/1

Here is a 2-wallet Samourai Stowaway spend. Neither output displays the true spend amount which is, in effect, "stowed away" via a trusted cooperation between 2 wallets.
oxt.me/transaction/546458c3470 … Based on an idea from G Maxwell w/algo guidelines from @laurentmt

So. Finally sent my first transaction from @samourai_official via my own full node.
Yes, I know "what took you so long?" idk. Somehow I just delayed it due to stupid config lazyness... :/ Anyway, the new gui tweaks looks great!

@samourai_official So far the only walletmaker (i know) who understands the important values of bitcoin. Its not hard actually:
1.) be transparent/open source
2.) focus on security
3.) protect users privacy (= ensure/enable fugibility)
4.) Focus on #Bitcoin and not on satisfying as many different shitcoinholders as possible
5.) KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid

Spread the word and help others to understand whats important and how to store/use Bitcoint! Education is the key to mass adoption!

We're hard at work putting the polish on latest PayNym upgrades. In the next updates your existing PayNym code will automatically begin deriving native segwit bech32 stealth addresses. Follow a PayNym without paying a connection fee to derive a stealth address on their behalf.

I've been hearing about Mastodon for a while and I'm willing to try it out. Last night I learned that you can't keep your identity should an instance be shut down, which I am not a fan of. I was thinking maybe someone could build something on top of git, where as you gpg sign all your commits (messages/replies) and you can refer to them across repos (instances) and your gpg key *is* your identity. The biggest hurdle is probably user experience around key management. Like Bitcoin.

@samourai_official even better, it seems to be specifically Bitcoin Twitter coming over

Seems like entire Crypto Twitter is moving on masse to Mastodon.

This can only be good news.

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