That's an interesting thought. Wallets will be the key it seems. Things like @samourai_official that do things to obfuscate the transactions. Hopefully development will continue in this area.

@lizard @samourai_official Samourai does an amazing job! I made a series about Privacy on Bitcoin and featured a review about them. :)

The more people know how to use it, the better for the ecosystem!

It is in pt_BR, but here is the link just in case:

... first bip79++ payjoin (uh probably!) from a Joinmarket wallet:


It gets tagged with UIH, amusingly, but then a lot of transactions probably do.

The rounded amount part is my fault (repeated tries of same amount) 😂

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... forgot to add, mean number of counterparties: 5.9

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A couple of simple stats from my (extremely slow) Python block parser:

Checked: Approx 375 blocks (so around 2.6 days).
Joinmarket style transactions found: 152.
So average around 58/day ; similar to what I would have guessed (and I think, did in the past, here).

Max size of coinjoin: 54.17 BTC
Min size of coinjoin: 0.00147 BTC
Median size of coinjoin: 1.25 BTC

Whirlpool CoinJoin implementation is now in Public Beta!

Download and install Whirlpool desktop client on Windows, OSX, or Linux

Spend your freshly Whirlpool'd coins with your Samourai Wallet using Stowaway/Payjoin or STONEWALL

Get started here:

Support/Knowledge Base:

Video Playlist:

Latest binaries for GUI, all platforms:



4 years in operation, still doing like 5-10 coinjoins a day just from my bot (I think there are about 60 active, typically), hundreds of millions (not exaggeration) of dollars worth of btc made more fungible, more than one academic paper analysing it ... but still everyone talks like Joinmarket either doesn't exist or is a dead project.


We are proud to announce the public release and open sourcing of Samourai Dojo. You no longer need to make the trade off of providing Samourai with your public keys in order to access the most private Tx analysis busting tools. Have your cake and eat it.


Github Repo: github.com/Samourai-Wallet/sam 

Installation instructions: github.com/Samourai-Wallet/sam


@harding @Sosthene @FreePietje

Sosthene, I totally agree that this is a subject to be discussed. But this pattern has been repeated over the years. Pretty much all prominent core devs have been super-straight laced.
For example, people you'd expect to be enthusiastic about developing coinjoin decided not to do it (more than one), even though it's a real stretch to imagine that it's illegal or something.

This is a job for nyms, not people, ultimately (gray area for now).

@FreePietje It was pathetic to see him being ignored. Too much back-patting and congratulatory names on t-shirts nonsense going on. Time to get real again.

@Sosthene @FreePietje 1/ Notification txs are designed to allow full wallet restore from the blockchain. They are not necessary for the address derivation scheme to function. Samourai Wallet is phasing out the use of notif txs altogether. So the "space wasted" via OP_RETURN argument is moot. 2/ Not sure what the "2 txs at least 1 block apart" argument is. Sounds like severe FUD.

We're committed to expanding distribution of the full APK on platforms such as F-Droid, this is not trivial and time is needed to do safely. We will update the GitHub release page with a signed APK for side-loading this version in the coming days and will update this thread.

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Samourai 0.99.05 - We've introduced Staggered Delivery to Ricochet which spaces each hop 1 block apart for a very robust upgrade to network and TX fingerprinting defense, PayNym "Refund / Pay Again" convenience, UTXO tagging, Whirlpool prep and more...



Just to add to the confusion, I'm implementing something I'm calling "payjoin" in joinmarket atm, basically = steganographic tx/p2ep/ etc. No attempt to address the merchant use-case, just wallet-wallet.

I think everyone eventually comes round to the idea that this is a very desirable kind of coinjoin :)

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Thanks for linking this on birdsite, I think I must have skipped or missed it when you wrote it gist.github.com/LaurentMT/e758

Unapologetic idealists have perhaps the best chance of changing the world. Bitcoin has been built by such people, and it offers a revolutionary way of storing and exchanging value.

Thankful for projects like @samourai_official that recognize this, and are willing to take risks instead of just pandering to the masses. Removing fiat conversions really is just a small thing, but the ideal is preserved and promoted.

Just lurking around and testing how Mastodon works.

I can already feel my mind breaking free from the matrix!!!!! 

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