We've pushed update 0.98.87 - This one will definitely ruffle feathers, but we hope you understand. Read why we decided to remove all fiat currency from Samourai Wallet in our latest blog post. Plus Samourai now available in Chinese and 11 other languages


I'd like to commend you for this update! I'm sure you'll get some flak but it's time for us to break free of that fiat nipple we all love so much.

I can already feel my mind breaking free from the matrix!!!!! 

@samourai_official SAT unit finally!!! Maybe now I'm not gonna die from all these zeros

@samourai_official can we also be able to enter the amount to send in sats please?

@samourai_official @robzon please SATS!

People think they need Fiat integration, but its not rate that they need.

Most currency have a 1/100 subunit:


On BTC chain, the smallest unit is sat.

I don’t care if it’s called a “bit”, just something to refer “100 x sat” by.

People don’t naturally read these numbers:

9523650 sats - too big
.0952365 ₿ - too small
95236.50 bits - ok.

@samourai_official don’t care about this. When iOS? That’s the real question!

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