I don't have any hope for Europe. You can spend a lifetime in this place and not meet ONE person who isn't totally brainwashed.

The European soul is rotten to the core.

The French army permitted German reunification on the condition of having the Deutschmark currency's credit rating to escape their 70s and 80s disastrous inflationary (criminal) policies, and now we're all enjoying the consequences.

...all thanks to French (European) socialism.

The people protesting know SHIT about anything.

the more I learn about SF angel/VC culture, tech investing, big tech cabals, the SF founder / pm loop, the more I think it's a degenerate manifestation of a late stage fiat gorgefest where money is cheap and failure is rewarded.

Very cool to see people using btcdeb as a teaching tool. This is exactly what I envisioned when I wrote it!
RT @physic@twitter.com @RussHarben@twitter.com @kallewoof@twitter.com Thanks for sharing Russ. Here's a link to the slides docs.google.com/presentation/d

🐦🔗: twitter.com/physic/status/1062

New release of Joinmarket:


Non-disruptive wallet improvement/upgrade and a bunch of fixes.

Feel free to share this on your chosen platform :)

I have decided to withdraw all Samourai tech representation from Bitcoin Optech Paris Nov 12-13. The time will be better spent buidling.

I agree with this piece:


These funds *are* the proceeds of crime, probably. But the UK govt's actions are totally inconsistent; if they have no jurisdiction nor investigation abilities in Azerbaijan, then they have no basis to confiscate the money. If they find it unacceptable to have money from crime coming into the UK from Azerbaijan, and don't trust the Azerbaijani authorites to enforce laws, then given that, they should simply block transfers from that country.

Let's update Carl von Clausewitz for the Cypherpunk era: "[Software] is the continuation of politics by other means."


.@samourai_official says an open source backend to run Samourai stack on top of your own full node is coming. Hadn't heard this, sounds fantastic. ~10 mins earlier in the interview they talk about 'cahoots' and other upcoming privacy features. Great interview.


First tx sent via txTenna (goTenna mesh device. Testing w/@laurentmt@mamot.fr testnet.smartbit.com.au/tx/c0a50b11550aa676306d4c585556ae4e2e190af46b628f1faac51d3d111f75b4 …

If you will be in Prague for HCPP18, somebody made a Telegram group for the event t.me/joinchat/BItYIRJq5d7lQ53o

One deeper - a stable coin pegged to the price of one Satoshi 🤯

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