Bitcoin magazine like many others are attributing the recent measurement of a spike in coinjoin transactions to wasabi despite (a) nopara himself pointing out that it's not the case and (b) the published data claiming 4% of txs as coinjoins being widely considered ultra dubious or flat out wrong.

Narratives matter, a lot more than objectivity.
Sometimes that's OK, it's part of how we function in environments of extreme uncertainty. But it has dangers.

mixes have 100% entropy, 0 deterministic links, never use a prev tx >1x in the inputs, and no "unmixed change". Free ride as long as you want to reach desired anonymity set.🏃🏻‍♂️🌀🌪️😎 Unfairly fast & unfairly inexpensive. Implementations: GUI, CLI, &


Excited to see the first Whirlpool transaction hitting mainnet. Every Whirlpool transaction is 100% max possible entropy, 100% max wallet efficiency, with 0 deterministic links. Every. single. time.

I'm doing more boring things right now, but this looks fun: Chris Belcher and Zmn... etc with some thoughts about using PayJoin/P2EP and CoinSwap together:

@PaulTroon @christinabahk
In fact 'apology' is kinda ridiculous, most of these dumbasses are still pushing bcash and basically they hate Bitcoin because they can't control it and make it what they want it to be. Etc etc I don't need to preach to the choir, sorry :)

@PaulTroon @christinabahk
I think that's the one organized by David Bailey, the guy who owns bitcoinmagazine. From what i heard his idea was to mend fences and get people from both sides of the scaling war together to communicate, I heard he wanted Armstrong for the conf too.
The problem is, this is all rubbish, because those people never apologized for their appalling behaviour, they think they were just unfortunate not catastrophically unethical and wrong. Which they were. It's laughable tbh.

Somewhat related to my last toot, but also a more general point:

from anon on IRC:

"... next time someone is questioning why a person would participate in a coinjoin, we can answer them that it's one of only two ways to make income on your bitcoins without losing control. and it's the safer of the two in regards to potentially losing funds"

Think about that. It's a pretty big deal. Btw it only applies to makers in joinmarket, not to takers, nor to e.g. wasabi. Kind of strange :)

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Hi, just realised I never answered this.

Since most material put out in public is either analysis companies and exchanges trying to prove they're on top of tracing bitcoin (they aren't), there's little or nothing on why it doesn't work, except people like me, chris etc explaining it (and there's almost zero amplification of that signal). One recent case was instructive, see point 5 under "Real life example - The QuadrigaCX exchange wallet analysis" on

The 0.95 version of #TxTenna just appeared in the Play store. Many thanks to @samouraidev and @samourai_official for making it happen. Also to @richd for both finding and fixing an issue that prevented testing with the new txtenna-python server code.
Changes include:
- stays paired with specific device until unpaired
- receive notifications when transaction is received & confirmed
- updated geo region list

@harding @FreePietje The thing is that there's no good reason that someone in Iran hasn't received the torch yet. Crypto-Twitter is full of pseudonymous accounts who are able to do this transfer. The LNTorch is all about symbols and it would be a very sad symbol that it's conclusion is that Bitcoin has already lost against the Panopticon.

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Coinjoin/mixers are considered money laundering in NL.
And I agree with you.

I think the main issue I have with this situation is all those people who talked tough and principled, bail out when it comes to actually putting it into action.
I really understand the reasoning/arguments (esp bc it's public), but if 'OGs' aren't willing to take a principled stance, who will?

@harding @Sosthene @FreePietje

Sosthene, I totally agree that this is a subject to be discussed. But this pattern has been repeated over the years. Pretty much all prominent core devs have been super-straight laced.
For example, people you'd expect to be enthusiastic about developing coinjoin decided not to do it (more than one), even though it's a real stretch to imagine that it's illegal or something.

This is a job for nyms, not people, ultimately (gray area for now).

I see it as poking fun. And probably drawing (more) attention to this issue.

(later in that thread)
Q: But how are channels being blocked? Fear alone?
A: "Fear" is a powerful firewall.

Haha, this is awesome:

"Hi @Ziya_Sadr. Do you have a Paynym? Since LN payment channels seem to have a problem with Iran, let's start a #PaynymTorch based on BIP47 payment tunnels."

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