Street corner face-to-face 2-wallet coinjoin, anyone? Running the new UI through its paces. A few things to iron out and we're good. Here's a Stowaway as seen from the sending device. Make every spend a coinjoin.

Whirlpool CoinJoin implementation is now in Public Beta!

Download and install Whirlpool desktop client on Windows, OSX, or Linux

Spend your freshly Whirlpool'd coins with your Samourai Wallet using Stowaway/Payjoin or STONEWALL

Get started here:

Support/Knowledge Base:

Video Playlist:

Latest binaries for GUI, all platforms:


Back working on Joinmarket for a while, in particular cleaning up wallet and blockchain interfaces:

Also noticing activity on Joinmarket's pretty robust at the moment, I'm doing about 20 cjs/ 24 hrs (would have to do some block scanning to get global data, but, vague guess, could be 50-100 per day).

Thanks @stephanlivera for your interview with @samourai_official, a very informative discussion on the Samourai team's Dojo, Whirlpool and other cool projects.

"Breaking Privacy" presentation by chris_belcher_ @breakingbitcoin We've been providing equal-output coin joins (STONEWALL) & PayJoins (Stowaway) for a while now & agree that Stowaway is unfairly effective & stealthy in breaking clustering heuristics.

Just did my first in-person trade where I signed a Bitcoin tx at home and sent it to my phone. I then connected to my full node over zerotier, my full node is connected to the network via Tor.

I was able to use @samourai_official to broadcast the transaction to my full node during the trade, worked flawlessly. Bonus that my full node watches my trezor accounts, and sends me an encrypted email on wallet activity, so I could see that it worked right away.

That was cool.

4 years in operation, still doing like 5-10 coinjoins a day just from my bot (I think there are about 60 active, typically), hundreds of millions (not exaggeration) of dollars worth of btc made more fungible, more than one academic paper analysing it ... but still everyone talks like Joinmarket either doesn't exist or is a dead project.


We are proud to announce the public release and open sourcing of Samourai Dojo. You no longer need to make the trade off of providing Samourai with your public keys in order to access the most private Tx analysis busting tools. Have your cake and eat it.

Github Repo: 

Installation instructions:


Bitcoin magazine like many others are attributing the recent measurement of a spike in coinjoin transactions to wasabi despite (a) nopara himself pointing out that it's not the case and (b) the published data claiming 4% of txs as coinjoins being widely considered ultra dubious or flat out wrong.

Narratives matter, a lot more than objectivity.
Sometimes that's OK, it's part of how we function in environments of extreme uncertainty. But it has dangers.

mixes have 100% entropy, 0 deterministic links, never use a prev tx >1x in the inputs, and no "unmixed change". Free ride as long as you want to reach desired anonymity set.🏃🏻‍♂️🌀🌪️😎 Unfairly fast & unfairly inexpensive. Implementations: GUI, CLI, &


Excited to see the first Whirlpool transaction hitting mainnet. Every Whirlpool transaction is 100% max possible entropy, 100% max wallet efficiency, with 0 deterministic links. Every. single. time.

I'm doing more boring things right now, but this looks fun: Chris Belcher and Zmn... etc with some thoughts about using PayJoin/P2EP and CoinSwap together:

@PaulTroon @christinabahk
In fact 'apology' is kinda ridiculous, most of these dumbasses are still pushing bcash and basically they hate Bitcoin because they can't control it and make it what they want it to be. Etc etc I don't need to preach to the choir, sorry :)

@PaulTroon @christinabahk
I think that's the one organized by David Bailey, the guy who owns bitcoinmagazine. From what i heard his idea was to mend fences and get people from both sides of the scaling war together to communicate, I heard he wanted Armstrong for the conf too.
The problem is, this is all rubbish, because those people never apologized for their appalling behaviour, they think they were just unfortunate not catastrophically unethical and wrong. Which they were. It's laughable tbh.

Somewhat related to my last toot, but also a more general point:

from anon on IRC:

"... next time someone is questioning why a person would participate in a coinjoin, we can answer them that it's one of only two ways to make income on your bitcoins without losing control. and it's the safer of the two in regards to potentially losing funds"

Think about that. It's a pretty big deal. Btw it only applies to makers in joinmarket, not to takers, nor to e.g. wasabi. Kind of strange :)

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