I sent my boy home for some papers, where, he staying longer than I would have him, I become angry, and boxed my boy when he came, that I do hurt my thumb so much, that I was not able to stir all the day after, and in great pain.

Comes Sir H. Cholmley to me, and he and I to my house, there to settle his accounts with me, and so with great pleasure we agreed and great friends become, I think.

It is a remarkable thing how infinitely naked all that end of the town, Covent-Garden, is at this day of people; while the City is almost as full again of people as ever it was.

Mighty merry, and sing and dance with great pleasure; and I danced, who never did in company in my life, and Captain Cocke come for a little while and danced.

I brought down my wife in her night-gown, she not being indeed very well, to the office to them and there by and by they parted all and my wife and I anon and Mercer, by coach, to Pierce’s.

Vexed with Major Norwood’s coming, who takes it ill my not paying a bill of Exchange of his, and so troubled, so as being carried to Captain Cocke’s to dinner, where Mrs. Williams was, and Mrs. Knipp, I was not heartily merry, though a glass of wine did a little cheer me.

Rode to London before office time, where I met a note at the door to invite me to supper to Mrs. Pierce’s because of Mrs. Knipp, who is in town and at her house.

Anon to prayers the whole family, and then all to bed, I handsomely used, lying in the chamber Mr. Carteret formerly did, but sat up an hour talking sillily with Mr. Carteret and Mr. Marre, and so to bed.

To supper, my Lady Wright very kind. After supper up to wait on my Lady Crew, who is the same weak silly lady as ever, asking such saintly questions.

It was my Lord Crew’s desire that I should come, and chiefly to discourse with me of Lord Sandwich’s matters; and therein to persuade, what I had done already, that my Lord should sue out a pardon for his business of the prizes.

After dinner, late took horse, having sent for Lashmore to go with me, and so he and I rode to Dagenhams in the dark.

Mightily troubled at the news of the plague’s being encreased, and was much the saddest news that the plague hath brought me; because of the lateness of the year, and the fear of its continuing with us the next summer. The total being now 375, and the plague 158.

I to London to the office, and there forgot, through business, to bespeak any dinner for my wife and Mrs. Pierce.

Pierce and I to bed together, and he and I very merry to find how little and thin clothes they give us to cover us, so that we were fain to lie in our stockings and drawers, and lay all our coats and clothes upon the bed.

By and by we all to supper, which the silly master of the feast commended, but, what with my being out of humour, and the badness of the meat dressed, I did never eat a worse supper in my life.

Not so much as her husband could get her to come; but, which was a pleasant thing in all my anger, I asking him what he thought, whether she would come or no, he answered that, for his part, he could not so much as think.

To Boreman’s, where the greatest disappointment that ever I saw in my life, much company, and all come with expectation of excess of mirth, but all blank through the waywardnesse of Mrs. Knipp, who, though she had appointed the night, could not be got to come.

The fair creature went away, and proves one of the modestest women, and pretty, that ever I saw in my life, and my wife judges her so too.

After sermon, comes my dear fair beauty of the Exchange, Mrs. Batelier, brought by her sister, an acquaintance of Mercer’s, to see my wife. I saluted her with as much pleasure as I had done any a great while.

I propose Mr. Harman the upholster for a husband for Pall, to whom I have a great love and did heretofore love his former wife, and a civil man he is and careful in his way.

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