@ghost @davidsgallant @polymerwitch Aside from blocking, a flag on a user's profile might be a good approach. (A site could default to one or another setting and maybe also let users set the option.)

Def understand some might not want to be searchable; it's also reasonable someone wants to implement it (that's the #2 requested hard-to-answer feature after anti-abuse systems I get asked about when talking about federation)

If tooling respects that, a block might not be needed.

@cwebber @ghost@toot.cat @davidsgallant@toot.cat @polymerwitch@toot.cat For precedent, I note that livejournal has some user settings like this. (and has for about 15 years, if memory serves. It appears I last updated my profile 9 years ago.) mastodon.social/media/Y0_OafyA

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