small bubbles visible... wild ferment could be kicking off...

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I pressed a big tub of apples that I got from the in-laws place last weekend. Got about 4 litres of juice. Interesting to me, it's much sweeter than any of the commercial juice I've used. OG of 1070 or so, implying around 8% alcohol if it all ferments out, vs 1050 for supermarket juice... I suspect they dilute the supermarket juice.

Petition, endangered species 

Parliamentary petition to protect the Tuna Kuwharuwharu/Longfin Eel. It’s bizarre that we allow commercial fishing of any endangered fish, let alone one so cool.

Am at a conference, a small one. Hardly anyone apart from me is wearing a mask. I hear coughing and sneezing. Pretty tempted to nope out at this point, sunk cost or not.

I cleaned up Dad's old Cory coffee maker. Despite my fears, the gasket still made a good seal, and I am now drinking some EXCELLENT siphon coffee.

The Rust documentation is cute. "think of {} as little crab pincers that hold a value in place"

Somehow started reading about Perl 6. It's basically Common LISP all over again, isn't it.

I have forsaken Twitter for a month in search of mental peace.

And followup, what is the most effective way to report Mastodon bugs?

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Does a padlock after an account name in a Mastodon profile indicate it is locked? In that case, I think I have a serious bug to report.

Today's culinary success: thick fluffy buckwheat pancakes, just the thing for your wheat-avoiding loved ones.

I slept until 7:30, and I am very happy about this.

It's very rare I can sleep past dawn these days...

Terrible sleep. Called in sick at work. Am sitting on sofa and my head is lolling when I don't focus. Basically waiting to get tired enough that I can go have a long nap.

Am somewhat grumpy at having woken before 6am. Hope daylight savings change helps me get in sync again. I am not a morning person, I'm just awake earlier than I want to be and groggy until afternoon.

When it's not really raining as you leave work & you chance it & don't put your rain gear on but as you ride home the rain increases imperceptibly & you're most of the way & maybe you can get home before it really sets in but nope home is still 5 minutes away & Now You Are Soaked

Ooops. I accidentally went Reply-All, a thing I have hitherto managed to avoid doing. There are about to be hurt feelings from at least three people.

I have sourdough in the oven. Only 29 minutes to go.

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