France's state-sanctioned Islamophobia is the biggest threat to the republic

The dissolution of the Collective Against Islamophobia is a dramatic turning point in Emmanuel Macron’s illiberal and anti-democratic turn, says F Burgat


Poem for by the Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock, with Irish and English versions:


The Delhi govt has flagged a set of seven video clips to the Delhi Police which show the complicity of some policemen in the violence during the Delhi Violence.

In the videos, the Muslim community is being targeted.

The Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), organised statewide protests demanding the release of Siddique Kappan, a member of the union who has been arrested and charged with sedition and under the UAPA.

All Government-run Madrassas to be shut in Assam, says Himanta Biswa Sarma!!!

“The Sanksrit tol matter was different. The objection to government-run Sanksrit tols is that they are not transparent. We are taking steps to address this,” he said.!!!

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Update: We've revised the minimum commitment to be Rs. 100 and are doing a campaign to save EPW.

30K people * Rs.100+ == Rs. 30 lakhs + .

More than the money raised, funding is an act of resistance against fascism, however small and feeble it might be.

And within that act, we are free.

A free people, a free nation.

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Abdi Ilahi says there’s another thing that Indians care more about than religion

“Muslim or no Muslim, the first question they ask you is:

‘You had food?’
‘Did you take your breakfast?’"

"I’ve seen a lot of countries but it’s not the same elsewhere."

Tweet from @BloombergQuint

After his ordeal, it wouldn’t be surprising if Abdi Ilahi felt only anger and loathing. But he also encountered another India.

~Priya Ramani

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All Indian should stand against hate policy of BJP Government in India. India became dangerous to live.

Delhi Violence: When Does a Chakka Jaam Become a Crime?

Police say road blocks were part of the conspiracy behind the Delhi Violence. But does this work under the IPC & UAPA?

Vakasha S explains Is Chakka Jam a crime?

A man jailed for protesting, a small-town family devastated and a wait in limbo for all

Jailed for "conspiring" to incite the Delhi Violence, Shadab Ahmad's family in Bijnor is confused, worried, angry & anxious, and are yet to see him since his arrest!!

This is not first time when NIA arrested Muslim youths & declared them to be the deadliest terrorists. If we look at the past, we can see a number of young Muslim men had been arrested, spent decades in prison only to be acquitted by the court.

The lies being spread by Sudarshan News will unfortunately not only circulate the wrong impression among Muslims but also demoralise young aspirants of other communities who aspire to join the services, writes Rais I. Shaikh

With Bhumipujan ceremony, Muslim's may be hurt, insulted and wounded, but not non-existent. Day in and day out, many have been killed in mob lynching & communal violence. But the Muslim will remain an integral part of India’s legacy- past, present & future


Dr Aisha and her twitter account are no longer with us.
However, even in death, she left us with a very important lesson.
That we fall for fake news at the drop of a hat and our emotional vulnerabilities will always be exploited to build fake narratives.



ONGC buys stakes in Rosneft -> Rosneft buys debt stricken Essar -> Modi's friend Ruia gets $$$$

Just like Reliance-Dassault deal was sealed after Rafale was confirmed, Essar deal was signed after ONGC invested billions in Rosneft

Tax money was routed to bail out Modi's funders


Remembering Ibn-e-Safi, Whose Books Are Bestsellers 40 Years After His Death

On the birth and death anniversary of the Urdu literary legend, Ibn-e-Safi, a look at the unreal world woven by the man from Allahabad.


A video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to Covid-19 was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral.

US President Trump shared multiple versions of the video with his 84 million Twitter followers.


Last 24 hours global fatalities as per

India is leading the table.

If you consider last 7 days, we are number 3.

If we consider total deaths, we are at number 6 but we will surpass Italy by Friday and will reach number 5



Via An organisation of has asked the government to restore statehood and J&K's special status. "One can't have a military solution to a political situation and can't go to war with their own people," they said.


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