Lets be clear Republic and Sudarashan type channels don't go to location to report. They're hoods who go to create a ruckus to provide material for prime time's shouting sessions attended by outta work loons. t.co/fiGhGD7Ei1

A govt babu says that the last 5 year budgets were about social welfare and the next 5 will be about growth and pvt sector. And we thought that budgets need to be balanced and not so lop sided. It looks to be a govt made economic slowdown for us.
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Hope and light from Varanasi.

The Joint Action Commitee of the
Banaras Hindu University comes out in the support of Prof. Firoze Khan.

Complete compilation of arguments and pleadings in Kashmir cases

Kashmir [Article 370] Hearing In SC [Petitions, Pleadings, Arguments, Orders And More] livelaw.in/rti/kashmir-article

Bad influence is mandatory for friendships.

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15 plus states with more than 55% of India’s population have non-BJP Chief Ministers. Wonder how many of them are consulted and are on-board for NRC in their respective states!!

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Are Amit Shah & BJP elected by Hindu, Buddhist,Sikh,Jain, Christian, Parsi of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to protect them or are they elected by Indians to work for India?

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Today, the American people hear from EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland — a Trump appointee who confirmed he "followed the President's orders" to pressure Ukraine into investigating Trump's political rival.

Watch here: pscp.tv/w/1YqJDnLDdNaKV

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Electoral bond provided legal cover to benami BJP friends to launder the black money into BJP'S coffers without any scrutiny from Income Tax authorities.

Scheme was discussed with the donors and brought in haste by bypassing institutional scrutiny


Hey people. The ones who follow me and the ones I follow. This is a new thing for most of us. Let's figure this out slowly and gradually. Let's do stuff. Let's not see what someone else is doing and start doing the same. Let's not make trends. Mastodon is an open ground and let's make different things out of it. I don't think there is any standard practice that we have to follow. Lets figure this out from scratch.

Thoughts on Mastodon.

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Every place where BJP pokes its nose, they try to manipulate data and attempt their Feku Tricks to fool people

Delhi's water quality issue turns out to be the same dirty tactic

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FM @nsitharaman@twitter.com ji gv PSB Frauds data:
Apr-Sep'19 (Figures In crore)
SBI ₹25,400 Cr
PNB ₹10,800 Cr
BoB ₹8300 Cr

Total Fraud cases 5743.

FM ji, how much did these 5743 acct holders contribute in @BJP4India@twitter.com ₹27K Cr election 2019 Fund?

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That sound you are hearing is Pompeo's aspirations to win a Kansas Senate seat going up in flames...

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@musafir Nov 29 when the next numbers come out. Either expect some more norms, or some new outrage to divert attention.

@Surabhi @sanjayuvacha @gautambhatia @ICLU @Vakeel_Sb @LiveLawIndia @KavitaKrishnan. BJP lost all prominent polorising issues like Article 370, Ayodhya, Teen Talakh etc. NRC is new introduction which will backfire in many states. In all these issues Muslim bashing is the central theme. However,it has been overplayed by right wing.People are under tremendous stress on economic issues.Those who have jobs are also loosing it.This Rigme have created it's own enemy and i. e. Citizens of India !

Let's be loud and clear and understand that this isn't the idea of India. And this obviously isn't the idea of Gandhi's India. It can very will fit to be Godse's India.

The Daily Fix: Make no mistake, Amit Shah’s NRC plan is both bigoted and unconstitutional

@rohanv's reminder for you.


So happy to finally take the plunge and #DeleteFacebook. Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

When the initial application of NRC took place in Assam, we were part of a huge mistake. It should have been boycotted.

My name was there is all drafts of the NRC. Its never about me. The NRC is a farce. Its fundamentally wrong.

There are a lot of people who cannot produce those ridiculous documents, specially the poor and the uneducated.

Please do all that you can to create the awareness to nationwide.

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