He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time till at length it becomes habitual.
~Thomas Jefferson

An hour after was announced Mamata Banerjee blasted the move. Today, some media with The Spine can still publish an article like this... now you know why this govt is running away from Question Hour in Rajya Sabha & a debate on the bit.ly/2CXVxrt

Nitin Sethi's absolutely knock-out work needs (a) translation into as many Indian languages as possible (b) audio version [English and Hindi to start with] (c) graphics which can be made use of to put questions to the industry titans (d) (c) can also likely help understand how our daily purchases contribute to an complete break-down in Indian politics.

New-style dictators prefer the ankle bracelet to the Gulag. #aadhaar

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Pre BJP. A country where sang:
Sukh ke sab Saathi
Ishwar Allah tero naam
O Sheronwaali
Tune mujhe bulaya
Badi derr bhayi Nandlala
Ramji ki nikli sawaari
Ganga tera paani Amrit
Post BJP
is told he has no right to teach Sanskrit because he is a Muslim.

The dictator can invest in making
convincing state propaganda, censoring independent media, co-opting the elite, or equipping police to repress attempted uprisings—but he must finance such spending at the expense of the public’s living standards. Incompetent dictators can survive as long as economic shocks are not too large.

How Modern Dictators Survive:
An Informational Theory of the New Authoritarianism
-Sergei Guriev, Daniel Treisman

Dictators survive not because of their use of force or ideology but because they convince the public—rightly or wrongly—that they are competent.
Citizens do not observe the dictator’s type but infer it from signals inherent in their living standards, state propaganda, and messages sent by an informed elite via independent media.
If citizens conclude that the dictator is incompetent, they overthrow him in a revolution.

There are bhakts who only care about how good the stock market fare or how good the govt shows muslims “their place”. Nothing else appeals to them as long as their is no imminent threat to their livelihoods.

All this JNU policing reminds me of Dementors at Hogwarts in the final books. Just saying. This is the Battle of Hogwarts.

Noseless Voldemort has taken control of the ministry of magic and the institution is under siege. Students have drawn their wands out and are fighting death eaters on the school premises.

While all this happens the likes of Rita Skeeter are filling the media with lies about Harry and his friends, spreading rumours, maligning names, and creating confusion in the minds of the magical community.

All the while the likes of Dolores Umbridge try to alter curricula and create a generation of young wizards and witches loyal to Voldemort.

I have not come across an analysis of authoritarian/totalitarian regimes from an information perspective.

It appears that regimes that damage/destroy/ignore their sensors and reject accurate feedback will bring about their own failure and collapse.

Blocking information flows destroys the self-correction mechanisms of complex systems.

Appeal to help Amair Ahmed:

This is to state that Amair Ahmed-24 years r/o H No: 16-3-513/514 Chanchalguda has been suffering from Bone's Tuberculosis (TB)

Neck surgery immediately for which estimation is going upto 4.10 lakhs,

As you all may be knowing that the State Govt has totally stopped Aarogyasri and no sanctions are being given under CMRF.

Please share this & Donate

Amair Ahmed
A/c 918010062537387
IFSC code UTIB0003172
Axis Bank, Malakpet Branch
M: 8686673127 & 8977490692.


: Modi's Office directed the finance ministry to break its own rules to approve the special & illegal sale of electoral bonds shortly before critical elections in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan & Telangana.


By May 2019, more than Rs 6,000 crore worth of electoral bonds had been sold and secretly donated to political parties. It is likely that the party in power, BJP, garnered most of the money.

There are facts and there are manufactured truth that are normalized by repetition and indifference- a strategy that successive govts have deployed to control narratives coming out of and around Kashmir.

Doesn't the Opposition counter question?


My mother keeps citing this poem, as she gets frailer with age

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