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A prayer for Natasha Narwal's father Mahavir Narwal, who is in the ICU fighting coronavirus while she is in jail under UAPA. In an interview, he had said, "Suppose my daughter has to stay in jail for a long time, and there comes a time when she cannot see me...."

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The tide is changing in Gujarat.

Front page of Gujarat Samachar today -

Headline - "The Prime Minister is busy with 22,000 crore Central Vista Project."

"Public servant becomes dictator while the people of India suffer due to the virus."

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A gentle reminder…
Minister Hardeep Puri , is the same person who in his capacity as a diplomat, had handed over the Portuguese foreign minister’s speech to then Indian foreign minister S M Krishna, to read at the UN.

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4 Oxygen tankers meant for Nagpur, Maharashtra coming from Bhilai went missing. It was later found that there had been an attempt to divert them to Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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"India spends about as much as a typical nation in its income class, about 30% of GDP. So the problem is not the size of India’s state, but how it spends."

Strong piece by Ruchir Sharma on India's covid crisis as a crisis of state capacity.


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This is the first time a prime minister did not call: CM Mamata Banerjee on congratulatory message from PM Modi

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Despite our victory I want to state it on record that election commission has functioned like an extended arm of BJP. A significant number of seats that BJP got is because of the systemic support provided by EC. All political parties must speak up against this: Prashant Kishor

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Afghanistan's last Jew is preparing to leave for Israel, fearing the return of the Taliban

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Muslim man lights funeral pyre of friend who died of Covid

Singh’s wife & daughter had died two years ago & there was no one to perform last rites. He had given an SOS call to his childhood friend in Etawah, Siraj Ahmad, who got him admitted in hospital.


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For the first time in our history, it will be a criminal offence for some Australians to come home from overseas.

Within the next 48 hours returning citizens will be threatened with five years jail if they've been in India in the past two weeks. @CUhlmann@twitter.com

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- Farm laws have been suspended by SC
- Govt offered to suspend them for 18 months
- Instead of offering to suspend them till 2024 or withdrawing them Modi has chosen to keep the protests going even now. Stubbornness is not good governance in a pandemic

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Don’t worry about the criticism, worry about the deaths.

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I don’t agree to the Critics of Narendra Modi saying educated people should be at the helm. Efficient people should be at the helm. Education doesn’t matter. Remember, our Health Minister Harsh Vardhan is a Doctor

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Someone must have called the editor who published these photographs a 'vulture'.

But these images, of a famine-stricken 1943 Bengal, were published by a defiant Englishman in The Statesman and triggered a sharp public reaction and a political response for damage control.

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Can India's Judiciary Rescue Her Democracy?
Justice Madan Lokur delivering the maiden Madhu Babu Memorial Lecture organised by @OdishaDialogues@twitter.com
Happening now 👇

youtu.be/ZwsSreEuup4 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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A colleague reached out for help to get oxygen for his father. I failed. As I had not heard from him, I sent a message asking how he was doing. He replied with a zoom link for the memorial service today. This is so so heartbreaking! Never thought we’ll live thru such times!

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The Pfizer vaccine, one of the best ones, used in most developed countries, applied for permission in India in Dec-2020. India instead asked them to do more studies here. Pfizer withdrew its application in Feb-21. Imagine lives saved if we allowed the vaccine from December itself

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As SC judge, he was quick to issue sermons, shutting down many who tried to argue even on point of law. Now, for last many months, ex-judge Arun Mishra hasn't vacated palatial Lutyens bunglow while claiming not interested in post-retirement govt job.

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2002 Godhra, dead bodies were handed over to a VHP leader and 'paraded' through Ahmedabad, causing riots.
All done to push one man to the top.
That is what 'making a circus out of sacred' is.

Reporting true conditions of cremation grounds to hold the gov accountable is not. twitter.com/authoramish/status

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