Jalpaiguri death after hunt for NRC papers

Panic over the NRC claimed another life in Bengal with Sahabuddin Mohammad, a folk singer found hanging from a tree near his home & his family saying that he’d been frantically searching for citizenship papers

Everyday there is a wedding around these days. Frequently cross a baaraat on my way home. And its really tough not to stare & laugh at the sight in front of me when grown up men & women are jumping around dancing to a very loud DJ thats playing "Bala-Bala, Shaitaan Ka Saala"

Watch "Thanedaar Justice With Jugaad Jurisprudence - My speech on the Ayodhya Judgment" on YouTube

Well, looking forward to a f2f meeting with a connection tomorrow. I haven't ever met anyone on the like this. And more exciting is that I am going to try and teach him/her whatever little I have learnt about photography using a DSLR. That's another first for me. Really excited.

- Quintillion - negative infinity.

This platform is just getting better by the minute. Thanks @stux @Gargron @ambassador

**Witness to destruction: Remembering the Babri Mosque demolition**

"27 years after the mosque in India was torn down, photographer Praveen Jain recounts the moment he knew it would happen."


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On my way to Dallas for a quick trip - see you soon Texas! Super Tuesday state.

Hello tooters! tomorrow I am going to make "gajar ka halwa" for my family & friends on a special occasion. I know the general recipe but will you share some tips like what mistakes should I avoid, what secret ingredient will make the halwa super awesome or should I add milk before or after etc, as I am going to make it for the first time. Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

@Vishsai boost it please!

Why act shocked when Saina Nehwal praises Hyderabad police...?! Its only shocking when movie stars or sportspersons actually show some spine & call out those in power for their wrongdoings.

@Rounaknayak People in the throes of anger and insanity detest the very smell of sanity.

Justice is a western construct! We will have to redefine justice in Hindu Perspective!

Here is one question that no one is asking about the Hyderabad Encounter killing....

Why were the police armed with guns to recce the site of a rape and murder crime?

When have you ever seen or heard of that happen?

Just yesterday there was an active-duty-sailor shooting up Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, HQ of INDO-PACOM, with multiple fatalities.
(IAF chief, happens to be visiting, was not on base at time of shooting.)

Inside today with my senior colleague Saugata Roy. Addressed the media on a very important issue, the - and how it is against the Constitution of India.

This encounter is a terrible subversion of the process of law. High emotional rhetoric cannot decide the fate of the accused.
Its sad, that this is what justice has come to in India.

Its amazing how WhatsApp hacking scandal vanished like a fart in the wind.

I'm being called a rapist supporter and a sick person for raising my voice against the encounter that happened in Hyderabad this morning.

They are going to call you a terrorist tomorrow. They then sho0t you via an encounter. That is nothing but a murder. You must understand the difference.
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Killing criminals in police encounter without fair trail is not good for democracy but I am happy that all 4 rapists have met their fate (only if Police is sure that they got right culprits)

Expecting same punishment…

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