The Supreme Court effectively defangs the teeth that previous Karnataka Speaker Kagodu Thimappa had put into the tenth schedule. Now it is upto the people of Karnataka to decide if they want to reward defection

Some verdicts sound like " both of the three are correct ".

@sanjayuvacha The SCOI must be commended for predictability of its balanced judgements , in the best traditions of Solomonic jurisprudence .

@sanjayuvacha much like the .

Keeping the idols of the Hindu Gods was illegal.

Demolition was illegal.

And at the end Mandir Wahin Banega.

Is it becoming a trend?

@sanjayuvacha Do you have any figure on how much it costs to become an MLA. I was at one of the get more women into power sessions held in Bangalore where people spoke freely on the understanding that they wouldn't be quoted otherwise they'd just give party line. The closest we could get to a figure from a woman whose family had been politicians was that in addition to party lobbying it cost many crores. The people of Karnataka will be happy they get Two for one bribery

@sharadaramanathan @sanjayuvacha When Irom Sharmila said she was told she needed 40 crores for one MLA. She told that to Shah Faesal while he was an IAS officer and he responded as a joke that you could buy the entire election in then J&K for that.

As i said elsewhere, this judgement seems to be another short step, in the ease of doing business.

@sanjayuvacha Hope Karnataka teaches these defectors a lesson so that no politician will dare to defect as he pleases with money matters in his mind.

@sanjayuvacha I just hope they don't seek inspiration from the enlightened electorate of Bhopal Lok Sabha Constituency

@sanjayuvacha Much as I place my hope in them, one old man has already started making some noises which suggest we may be back where we were - blighted by some incurable malady.

More like, I please you, I have to appease them & I am done with the verdict!

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