Justice Nariman's dissent in the review, will long be cited, as a treatise on the Rule of Law and the Executive's sworn duty to uphold and implement court judgements. I urge all people to read it, as it rewards even those who have been sceptical about the court in the recent past

@sanjayuvacha Sceptical because even this judgment is passed by 3:2
Dissent in minority is a crushed dissent.

@sanjayuvacha I hate to say but SC under current CJI has been a great disappointment - notably its rulings on Ram Temple, Rafale. Gogoi and other senior judges held PC ostensibly to warn nation about Govt Interference in Judicial matters. Yet Gogoi himself seemed to have succumbed to Govt pressure numerous times. Incoming CJI Bobde says - Govt can’t be a rubber stamp to Judicial Appointments, thus diluting role of the Collegium at the very outset.

@rkhuria @sanjayuvacha Sometimes I feel that press conference move was preplanned to fool people.

@TholaRam @sanjayuvacha It seemed quite genuine and honest. Tide turned after molestation charges though we did not know immediately and kept wondering why he had suddenly transformed

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