@sanjayuvacha yikes..! What does it say on the windshield? Is it any organisation?

@cripplingdepression @sanjayuvacha From the blurry text, appears to be "Truth Alone Triumphs", or Satyameva Jayathe.


This is only the mischief of an Idiot....and we all know who that idiot is.

Starting Sunday with superb humor... 👌👌🙏🙏

@sanjayuvacha And this is NOT my car. Spotted in Nagpur. Do people even read history?

@ranjona @sanjayuvacha I wish to meet some of them just to know what makes them tick

@VivekT @sanjayuvacha Hmm. Better you than me. Hatred and stupidity, am guessing.

Actually I do meet a lot of Sanghis here in Nagpur. I mean those high up in the hierarchy not just the cadre, but haven't seen any Nazi among them. This seems to be a fringe of a fringe.

@VivekT Possibly the young via the internet and exposure to the neo-Nazi movement?

@ranjona Interesting you say that. Once my son bought a copy of Mein Kampf . I did not chide him gifted him a book on the Holocaust. He read both, made his choice. All is well

@VivekT Choice is vital. Plus, always good to know thine enemy!!

@AmitRamesan @VivekT @ranjona I was lurking this thread but here I wish to step in and recommend:
"Why not kill them all", the logic and prevention of mass political murder
by Chirot and McCauley

@ranjona @VivekT Sanghis always had a soft corner for Hitler. Most of them , unless they are very smart and know who they are talking to (and therefore control themselves), sooner or later will blurt out "what Hitler did was right". At least most lower rank Sanghis are like this.

I think they take what he did to Jews as some sort of model about what they should do to Muslims.

@ajithegde True. We call them fascist and Nazi but those terms are acceptable to them. They don't see it as an insult. @ranjona @VivekT

@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
Most of the pride is out of ignorance or incomplete knowledge of what really happened in Nazi Germany. Of course as you say there might be some who don't give a damn.

@VivekT They Know the history. Is why they are hoping for NRC. Those guys are scary. The other ignorant ones justify using Bose. Because he has met Hitler it somehow makes it alright to follow them. @ajithegde @ranjona

@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona When i said they know partial history I meant they choose to ignore what happened to Hitler and Nazis. Do you think the rest world will be a silent spectator as the communal stakes are raised in India?

@VivekT Right now even the rest of the world also seems to be acting the same way. From China to USA, Poland, Italy France, Germany to South America. It's all rise of the RW and the confirmation that you can do almost anything and get away with it. Where is the resistance going to come from? @ajithegde @ranjona

@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
Yes it is a trend almost all over the world. However people are pushing back too. There is a churning and something new is bound to come out of it. Who knows it might be a new mix altogether.

@VivekT @Vishsai @ajithegde Hope so but no holding my breath. Unless one of historical curiosities happens, it's a long churn.

@VivekT The rest of the world is anyway silent - economic interests, apparently. They mainly spoke up on the lynchings and Kashmir. And despite the bad press, Supreme Leader is warmly welcomed everywhere. 🤷‍♀️
@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

@shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
Agreed. Initially even Hitler was welcomed by most of the leaders.
Times have changed as far as dissemination of information is concerned. There cannot be pogroms without the world knowing the next day. The situation is not ideal but it is not hopeless either.

@VivekT I’m not that optimistic. I see atrocities happening the world over. And no one is doing anything about them. Look at the Rohingya crisis, as an example. Or the refugee crisis from Syria, when it was happening. Most countries would rather send them back to Syria to die than allow them into their borders.
@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

@shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
Point taken. Just go back in time a few decades and imagine yourself a citizen of the erstwhile Soviet state. Similar atrocities were happening there and the Ukrainians, Latvians, Belarusians et al were wondering whether they would die under the Russian yoke. One fine day, suddenly they all were liberated.
History is full of such events.That is my source of optimism

@VivekT @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona We are at a similar point here now, one nation, one religion (as opposed to the enforced atheism there), one language. But, unlike with the USSR, can the Union of Hindu-Hindi States survive the time taken to get a Gorbachev?

@spiffyhobbes @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
But, unlike with the USSR, can the Union of Hindu-Hindi States survive the time taken to get a Gorbachev?
Gorbachev took about 70 years to happen. I doubt this Union will last that long.

@VivekT @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona
I agree that it’s unlikely to last that long, but what is the cost of such a situation going to be — human, environmental, and monetary?

@spiffyhobbes Immense. The cost has already been immense. Economically, especially, and the government is doing its best to hide and fudge data. There’s a sense of fear and alienation. The trolls are seeping into real life conversations too. I don’t know how much more we can bear.

@VivekT @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

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@VivekT @spiffyhobbes @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

The 'UHHS' won't include large swathes of the country, I'm pretty sure. It will NOT be a benevolent blend, like the Germanys!

I foresee more of a Balkan Structure.
Note: Time frame....time will tell @spiffyhobbes @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

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@VivekT And that’s my source of ... pessimism ... not really pessimism. But i can’t help but wonder why people can’t look at history and the horrors of war and progroms and resolve not to descend to that madness again?

But you’re right. Cycles turn. I only hope it’s sooner rather than later.

@Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona

@VivekT @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde @ranjona each crisis has been structures well in advance by those who did. So does take tome to restructure. But try we should and do our best ....

@VivekT @shinjini @Vishsai @ajithegde
Look at that Hindu American Foundation. They push the Sanghi cause in the US and gain legitimacy through Trump and Gabbard. What hope can one get from them? What about UK Tory ministers like Priti Patel? Same fascist ideas.

@ranjona @VivekT @Vishsai @ajithegde
Yeah, and where are the liberal voices? Where are we organising? Where are we pushing to counter the Sanghi cause? Are we as organised as they are?

I think we have a lot to learn from the RW. Just 25 odd years ago they were the fringe. They’re the mainstream now.

@shinjini @ranjona @Vishsai @ajithegde
There you are! Today it is us who are discussing it on here. Tomorrow some percentage of us (i want all of us) will go out on the streets and work in an organised manner.
Yes we have a lot to learn from the RW.

@shinjini @ranjona @VivekT @Vishsai @ajithegde by the very individualistic nature of the left of centre/leftists, they are unable/unwilling to organise. The right wingers secret yearn is to find martial music to get in step with wearing their jackboots.

@ashwin_baindur @shinjini @ranjona @Vishsai @ajithegde
Does one become a leftist because he is individualistic? I do not think so,,but one does have to a a bit individualistic to go against the majority. Having said that we also have to learn to play as a team.
On a lighter side...jack boots and khakhi chaddi....right out of a Charlie Chaplin frame.

@ashwin_baindur True. But to counter the current RW narrative, we need to put some of that individualistic nature aside and come together.

I know not all left/liberal/left of centre have the same beliefs either. Some of much more open and liberal than others, and then we beat up those who aren’t “liberal enough”

I think there comes a point when we have to define a common ground and stand together. I’m not sure we are ready to do that.

@ranjona @VivekT @Vishsai @ajithegde

@shinjini Whether we are ready or not is immaterial now because the point to define a common ground has already arrived.

@VivekT yes....it has...maybe we should start working on it here? Get some ideas going in this space?

This picture that Delhi Wala shared on Twitter says it all

(This book remains among the top three bestsellers among books sold on India's pavements)
@ajithegde @ranjona @VivekT

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