The modus to crush protests now seems to be to send disruptors from ABVP & other BJP allied organisations, to start violence so that police can follow up to beat and clear out, the original protestors. Time to hold police to account, for seeking support of vigilante disruptors. Police have to act under law and have hence sought to outsource illegal violence, to "mitras" "sahayaks" etc. Supreme Court has held this to be illegal in the Salwa Judum case

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. Clearly there are only two positions. Proponents of the law say, India belongs to Hindus and they as a majority determine who gets to stay in it. Opponents say India belongs to all who stay in it.

On 's birth anniversary his immortal "man tarpat hai hari darshan ko aaj.." sung by Rafi, written by ShakeelBadayuni and composed by Naushad. Would they all have been asked to prove their nationality under ?

Leaderless protests meet clueless government. What can go wrong? protests. The situation is going out of hand in Uttar Pradesh, where a Chief Minister facing possible change at instance of rivals, is using the opportunity to consolidate his position.

fight is one between Savarkar's Hindustan versus Ambedkar's India.


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