Someone sent me this link to a tweet to say that the gaurav sena, is still very much alive. I am so proud

So now Spain has started trending . Another wave of migrations to the fediverse has started. Maybe a from Islamophobic trollverse is next. I am inviting the faithful to try Mastodon as an alternative

The Maharashtrians have their own divides on culinary traditions. Like the Gaurav Sena, there are progressives who eat Bread with Misal.

The Gaurav Sena, takes pride in a pluralist India, that does not discriminate amongst Biryanis and eats with equal gusto as biryanis with meat.

Thank you to all those who followed me here, or came along out of curiosity. Am still figuring out the system and may a little less frequently in the beginning, but hope to improve as time goes on. May create a instance as I grow in confidence

@Gargron Thank you for an alternative to the tyranny of Twitter. I hope that more people from India and elsewhere use the platform. Will stand you a meal, if you are ever in Delhi, India


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