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“What is the cost of lies? It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that we’ll hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.” : Legasov in HBO's "Chernobyl"

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"আত্মোপকারীকে বনবাসে বিসর্জন করা যাহাদিগের প্রকৃতি, তাহারা চিরকাল আত্মোপকারীকে বনবাস দিবে–কিন্তু যত বার বনবাসিত করুক না কেন, পরের কাষ্ঠাহরণ করা যাহার স্বভাব, সে পুনর্বার পরের কাষ্ঠাহরণে যাইবে। তুমি অধম–তাই বলিয়া আমি উত্তম না হইব কেন?"

"Right now what we have is a black box when it comes to allocation, a black box when it comes to procurement. And unfortunately, and most, I think, disturbing, a black box when it comes to pricing as well." - Air India as the “alter ego of Indian government” by virtue of control and as a state-owned company it is “legally indistinct from the state itself,”

With most centers still working with a token system (rather than a CoWin booking) I wonder how this works out for anyone queuing up for the token.
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Covid-19 vaccination has been exempted from the curbs announced on Saturday in Bengal to combat the surge of the virus.

Bankers, teachers, police personnel, frontline health workers, sanitation workers - there's hardly a profession or industry which hasn't seen deaths from COVID-19. All these lives lost - and all the sorrow. It is unbelievable and unbearable that a government would be unmoved.
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Covid-19 has killed over 1,000 bank employees in India, says union. The banking sector is slotted as an essential service, partially exempt…

So, it looks like that private hospital chains are busy fulfilling vaccination obligations to private/corporate clients. The individual citizen is then going to be at the PHCs, right?

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Doctors treating patients in India 🇮🇳 have marked a distinct trend during the 2nd wave— now appears to be impacting children more severely. Children and adolescents are now showing more obvious symptoms such as prolonged fever and gastroenteritis.🧵

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Chitra wouldn't suddenly find remorse. And even if she did - hers would be the one which raises as much suspicion as Anupam being 'angry on TV'. Best to let her and her group be the way they are. And find their own peace.

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We have seen this previously and recently too. For example, the bereaved Jaiswal family chose to lash out with tearing down of posters. That's just how devotees would react to a capricious deity. The political discourse is no longer an approach or thought - it is personal icons.

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So the best they can do is double down on what works for them. They do what they have been trained to do. Srinivas does what he needs to do. These don't need to have cause/effect. In fact the fanclub creates little room at the summit. There's far too many who think they belong.

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Why do we make the mistake of thinking that a single act of kindness would motivate individuals like Chitra to introspect? Their fealty is defined and known. And they don't have the skills or ability to be faux contrite like a Dhume.

When faced with a 'once in a century' pandemic and humanitarian crisis we ended up with an absent leader who gets lackeys to issue certificates of hard work. And that's just one of the many facets of fail. We also celebrated quackery and unscientific approaches.

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India is unlikely to have enough vaccines in time to vaccinate all citizens. And this isn't a Poonawalla or Ella thing - they did what businesses do when offered a duopoly. This is more what the governments have done or not done.

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If we continue to not hold our leaders to account then we might not be around to see the changes we need. How long can you live each day as if you are in a conflict zone? Would you be able to function normally?

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Now, that's just gone. The collapse of the health infrastructure at the 2nd wave should put the fear of the terrible when it comes to the 3rd wave. The projections around possible deaths are not just statistics. These represent a life, a family, a neighborhood around us.

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COVID-19 and particularly the new variant has made all privilege absolutely worthless. This is particularly frightening because what we do through life is assiduously build the tokens of privilege - wealth, connections, knowledge - as a shield.

In the scheme of things a hollow and flawed 'yes, but' argument from an individual as significant as your neighborhood know-it-all doesn't need a response. He's not the government and certainly not involved in the planning, meeting and delivering of public health response.

(He) "who controls the past controls the future."
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Take a last look at some of the buildings to be razed because of one ego.

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, the National Archives, and the National Museum.

He also happens to be in the BCCI. Read
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ইতিমধ্যেই সাধারণ মানুষের সেবায় বহু প্রাক্তন এবং বর্তমান ক্রিকেটারকে এগিয়ে আসতে দেখা গিয়েছে।

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Part of the city's memory meets the wrecking ball.

But if you have ever walked around Delhi, you know that under your feet lie the ruins of many grandiose imperial dreams. The city has outlasted emperors and impostors, the sane, the mad, the cruel, the Ozymandian.

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