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“What is the cost of lies? It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that we’ll hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.” : Legasov in HBO's "Chernobyl"

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"আত্মোপকারীকে বনবাসে বিসর্জন করা যাহাদিগের প্রকৃতি, তাহারা চিরকাল আত্মোপকারীকে বনবাস দিবে–কিন্তু যত বার বনবাসিত করুক না কেন, পরের কাষ্ঠাহরণ করা যাহার স্বভাব, সে পুনর্বার পরের কাষ্ঠাহরণে যাইবে। তুমি অধম–তাই বলিয়া আমি উত্তম না হইব কেন?"

Have you been thinking about a "bug bounty programme" but had questions about how to start? This is a session which you would find handy - all the joy, glory and wrangling about setting up such a programme in your org! Join today!
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Here are some of the questions @_AnkurB will discuss with @Itskaranxa @narayansuchith @hashfyre @Pankajmouriya_ @AseemShrey @praveenkanniah and others.
1. What is a programme? How doe…

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“Any officer reading the rules and the forms will come to a conclusion that and linking is mandatory,” said Maansi Verma, lawyer and trustee at Article 21.

The government, however, claims that the process is voluntary.

By @UmangPod

Data breaches are now part of mainstream reports. But what does it mean for the end consumer - what's beyond the compliance? All that and more in this conversation with folks who are keen observers of rights, privacy and protection of consumers. @hasgeek
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is hosting a Twitter spaces session on Monday, 26 September from 7 to 8 pm, on the impact of data breaches on consumer's data privacy. Join at

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Does your vote matter? @Memeghnad answers this very big and simple question on ELI10, with speaker @ShivamShankarS

It is an interesting consumer experience that Swiggy Instamart has only "quantity different" as option for seeking help on an order. Not that the entire product from a different brand was delivered. Probably poor testing paths :)

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This is not first time that @Uber has been compromised. In 2016,hackers stole Info from 57 million driver & rider accounts & then approached Uber & demanded $100,000 to delete the data. Uber made the payment to the hackers but kept the news of the breach quiet for more than year.

The WG would be extensively looking at the "digital public goods" implementations around digital IDs and identifiers - including discussing the growing number of deployments which are focused on biometrics based binding. @hasgeek @HasPrivacy
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@HasPrivacy launches the Digital ID and Identifiers Working Group - - an initiative to examine design, deployment & growth of digital identifiers in…

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Do you need to explain or discuss ? @SovrinID updated our graphic that may help you navigate the risks and benefits of . Sovrin Trustee @linekofoed is at Global Forum and happy to share : join @SovrinID to learn more about the Principles of SSI. If you are at the Hyperledger Global Forum you can meet Sovrin Trustee @linekofoed to discuss this updated graphic around decentralised identity.

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We are hiring for the post of 'Research and Program Associate', a full time, paid position, based in Delhi, with hybrid working.
Please see more details in attached images.
Last date to apply - 30 September 2022
Send application to -

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New Online Event! "Overview of and Unicode Projects" on September 28th at 9:30am (California)/12:30pm (New York)/16:30 (UTC)/17:30 (London) Registration link and speaker information in the comments.

What a story! Now, if only the "1.3 billon" typo was fixed in the graphics.
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A month after a fake cricket league that allegedly duped Russian punters was busted in Gujarat, Brut traveled to ground zero to meet the real faces behind the fraud.

Everyone should focus more closely on local authorities and centers of power. Who signed off on this sub-par installation, who owns the media company, why aren't road dividers used for only what they are meant for, who receives the monies from advertisement options etc

Show thread : the sheer disregard we have for doing things in the right manner and the fact that this is now the norm which goes unpunished is horrible to see. Some token action will happen now and things will again be ad-hoc.

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“BESCOM is only authorised to provide electricity. The wiring system should be managed by the respective companies who put up advertisement boards. In this case, if GS Media Company had properly managed the wiring system, this tragedy would not have occurred.”

A practical approach towards persistent identifiers, business problems and issues around data governance. Join @MicrobioCarly at @fifthel talk. And if you are covering AgriTech you will find this interesting. @hasgeek
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This evening, @MicrobioCarly will speak about the problem of classification and identification of research objects. Carly draws from her work from agri-food data -

Recommend reading this piece by @itsAnushkaJain to gain a better understanding of what a patient health journey when digitized should look like from data exchange, data sharing and enabling better access to services through discovery and fulfillment.
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India's $200 mln Ayushman Bharat mission relies on States' digitsation. But states are ill-equipped. Tenders are going to cos that handle... wait for it.. construction pro…

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8. Take pride in your debugging and sharing your work. Would you rather see a series of muted moving pictures or have a deep, thoughtful Morgan Freeman voiceover building the story with each frame? If you don’t enjoy it - it will always be a chore.

If you are thinking about data governance, persistent identifiers and decentralization - this is a talk you should sign up for! Continuing with the data governance track at @HasPrivacy
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Sept 8th at 8am EST - I'm giving a talk: "DIDs are PIDs with Benefits" - about advances in persistent identifier technologies that could be useful in research - or use cases where you need globally unique persistent identifiers fo…

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