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So, for example, in her recent book, Atlas of AI, Kate Crawford writes, ‘we must focus less on ethics and more on power’ because ‘AI is invariably designed to amplify and reproduce the forms of power it has been deployed to optimize’

It was a celebrity fund raiser event. It beats me as to why this was the tack taken. Good summary by @beastoftraal if you haven't followed the story at all.
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Nikhil Kamath, Zerodha's co-founder/CIO, cheated in a charity chess game against Vishwanathan Anand, and won! Would it affect brand Zerodha? That is, "If he can do *that* in a charity game where the stakes are low, what would he do in real business?" http://bi…

"They also mentioned that the party enjoyed considerable support in north Bengal as was evident from the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and the recent Assembly elections,” আবার বঙ্গ ভঙ্গ খেলা শুরু।

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and then there's this - “Many state government employees come from outside the metropolis and I doubt whether the office will provide a pick-up and drop facility for those living in places afar,” said an employee of the land department.

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"Retail shops in malls and market complexes will operate from 11am to 6pm with 25 per cent employees and at 30 per cent customer capacity." - but private vehicles are restricted to ply. How are customers expected to commute to these establishments?

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Certain district BJP presidents in north Bengal had demanded that the region be carved out of the state and declared as a Union Territory The pot of unrest and troubles continues to be kept on a simmer.

How would this check be implemented? - Parks will open between 6am and 9am for morning walk and physical exercise. But only those who have taken two doses of vaccine will be allowed to enter.

Why do the OTT/streaming platforms not have content created by filmmakers and artists from states in the north east? It seems like the OTT is not the boundless opportunity it claims to be.

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How can the arts and humanities contribute to our thinking about AI?

I wrote this for @AdaLovelaceInst - many thanks for the invitation. - According to Access Now’s report for 2020, India accounted for 109 of the 155 Internet shutdowns across the world, leaving runner-up Yemen way behind with just six such clampdowns. -
Reviewing the month of May for our ElectionTech project at @kaarana_ You can sign up and subscribe to the project for updates and join the conversations at

COVID-19 has mercilessly exposed the fears, anxieties and the despair in families negotiating the thin line between sustenance and survival. Until health is truly realized as a right and investments buttress that concept we will continue see tragedies for years to come.
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“I can see the day in front of my eyes. He kept hitting himself in the face & wailing as they put him on a stretcher and took him away,” says Jayashri D…

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The recent comment by a member of the Uttar Pradesh Women's Commission on keeping girls away from mobile phones to keep them in 'control' tells us that if we want to address the in to , we have to address norms like these.

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Unpopular opinion: The"unpopular opinion" trend is just a way to be an asshole in public.

This new slogan has a Machhlibaba (from Joy Baba Felunath) feel about it. “Breach on external portals may not impact the users of govt email service, unless the govt users have registered on these portals using their official email address”

Show thread - "What is really responsible is an appalling lack of information spread across communities and institutions, still breeding ignorance and fear. Information about the law, the rights, the facilities can empower the disabled. Even now the parents with a disabled child simply may not know at all where to go, which school to get their child admitted to, what to do at all."

Where are all these people taking shelter? 25000 is not a small number by any means.
"After the meeting, Dilip Ghosh told reporters, “The post-poll violence is going on unabated in Bengal. More than 25,000 of our workers were forced to flee their homes."

There is a growing need to explain to the lay audience how data breaches create weak spots across transaction ecosystems. Most reports tend to focus on one rather than the blast radius it leads to. Do read the link/thread.
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Excl: Emails and passwords of hundreds of Union government officials have been exposed to hackers due to the recent data breaches of Air India, Domino’s and Big Basket, the government has warned officials…

Services like Clubhouse need to focus on Trust and Safety primarily because these services are easy assembly points for hate speech and related harms. Today this is not even a speculative scenario. Community growth has to be supported by strong enforcement of policy.

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