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Just uploaded a video to play over the anti-facebook remix I made from the social network OST. Any feedback appreciated :)


Subject: shitty ideas
Please stop sending 'em


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Chiaki is a Free and Open Source Software Client for PlayStation 4 Remote Play for #Linux , #Android , #macOS , #Windows and potentially even more platforms.
#ps4 #streaming #client #Chiaki #foss

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Whoever says is meant for reducing corruption, whoever says that it is necessary for vaccine show them this along with threads created by @Orionis57 .

Sometimes I feel like there was absolutely no point studying law.

Reply guys are a thing. Even on the fediverse

Mental health shitpost 

Therapists be like...
"come to me for help anytime and thanks for contacting me"

Less than 48 hours later... "It's good to see you being so articulate about your issues which I acknowledge are very difficult. BTW I have a lot on my plate right now, so see you on the other side, yeah?"

The system is broken asf. :AngeryCat:

Is there a better feeling than finding a new genre of music to play/listen to, accompanied by an Adam Neely video that completely dissects the theory? Nope.

Somebody needs to BTFO this COVID-19. Can we not call Russell Peters' dad in here already

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People's personal data is being stolen because of zoom but nobody wants to switch. Is a thing yet?

The store is silly good. I found a drum sequencer for Android here loaded with all the features you need 😻

Imagine an alien lifeform coming in contact with the things NASA put on Voyager and using their supremely powerful telescopes to judge that our species has been rendered dysfunctional due to a trust deficit. They then use their telescopes to watch our planet collapse due to climate change.

Who needs a restaurant at the end of the universe when you've got good old planet earth in 2020 CE amirite?

Katju has some gall talking about "unity" when there are caste atrocities committed regularly in our country, and abroad for that matter.

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“Five men sitting in Delhi think they can change the law.” Lawyer Rebecca John on all-male, dominant class-caste committee tasked with reforming, in 6 months, India’s 160-year-old criminal law code. on why it’s riling judges, lawyers, experts


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Trust to protest with a banner of writter on American map. Shows the soup we're in.

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you claim to be a communist, yet you don't even have IBS...

Song: "Dating V Marriage" Artist: Tig3rbabu Album: Burnt Sienna Is My Face And Other Facts Of Life Credits Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Joshua Thomas.

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