The problem I have with #Bandcamp & digital releases in general is that they do not always include scans of the booklet / liner notes. I find it extremely frustrating. It's all the more infuriating that there's no way to know before buying if the booklet is included or not. Every time it happens to me (hint: it happened today) I feel cheated.

I would very much like to stop buying CDs since I actually only use them once (to rip them). It seems like a waste of resources to get them shipped to me (not to mention the manufacturing). They also take up space and I hate that.


@rgggn (My favorite physical releases are ones that play with form. I have a two-CD album by the group Negativland that's packaged in an actual printed bible, for example. The Residents once released a free digital album called The River of Crime, and then sold printed cases and blank CDs for the buyer to burn the files to.)

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