slavery discourse 

"Why is the DOE talking about slavery like it still exists?"

Because it does. The 13th Amendment allows for slavery if someone is convicted of a crime. Prison slavery is still slavery."

"That's not slavery. That's involuntary servitude for those convicted of a crime."

That just sounds like slavery with extra steps.

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slavery discourse 

Yes, I made a Rick and Morty reference. It's valid.

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slavery discourse 

@sanspoint You're right, it really is just slavery.

It starts with an arbitrary declaration of who can and cannot have their freedoms removed and put to work for private interests.

The modern police, who originated as slave catcher patrols, are paid to make as many arrests as possible, even if it means planting evidence, primarily targetting black people to funnel them into this system of restricted freedom and forced labor.

slavery discourse 

@sanspoint An imprisoned criminal isn't owned forever, but slavery wasn't entirely different

In PA during abolistion a slave brought into the state with an owner and lived there for 6m would automatically be set free, but George Washinton had his slaves take trips out of state twice a year to prevent this

Likewise the prison system avoids rehabilitation and makes life harder for ex convicts, making it likely they'll return to jail after being freed, trapping them in the system

slavery discourse 

@sanspoint And of course, neither slave nor convict has a legal right to vote and affect the laws and policies that bind them.

They wouldn't want them voting themselves free, would they? I mean, there's so many of them

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