Something reminded me I still have Pidgin installd... It's strange to think that something like 6 or 7 years ago I used to have it open all the time because all my friends were on gTalk and MSN


@Gargron I miss the days when I could chat with everyone, regardless of what service they used, through a single app. AIM/Google Chat/Facebook even ICQ.

If Adium's IRC implementation hadn't been crap, I'd even had used it for IRC.

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@sanspoint @Gargron Matrix does somewhat that with bridges for a lot of things. (IRC, XMPP, Discord, Telegram, mail)

@marsxyz @Gargron Well, problem is that now, I'm on IRC about once every two years, I use Signal over Telegram as Telegram is kinda... gross, and all the people I want to actually communicate with are mostly on Facebook these days. (Lord how I hate Facebook, but I cannot extract myself from it...)

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