I don't know what everyone's worried about. I planted one of those mysterious seeds from China and got this pretty flower. I can't wait to see how big it gets!

outfit selfie, back side 

My butt looks good in these jeans, and I had to share

selfie, ec 

Oh yeah, it’s . I haven’t posted for wenbiesday in a while

Star Trek meme with a LOT of eye contact 

I had to see this, now you have to.

selfie, ec, hat 

I never posted a pic of me in my cute new summer hat! Gotta fix that!

selfie, ec, a closeup of an ear piercing 

Your girl got themselves some cool new earrings

outfit selfie, no ec 

Yes, I got That Shirt. Because why not?

selfie, no ec, hair 

My hair has grown out enough that I can kinda do bangs

another outfit selfie, ec 

Ooo, another dress I ordered arrived!

uspol silly, Fox News screenshot 

How did Fox News get my todo list?

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