gender (~) 

introduced myself on a group video call last night with "she/her/they/them" pronouns instead of "they/them/she/her"

felt good

lewd writing 

hey, wanna read some erotica about a trans cyborg girl and a modular synthesizer?


@gamehawk Well, look, the Bike Stop in Philly is closed due to Pandemic. Where else are they going to go? ;)


*closes eyes*

*hits send*

*quickly closes messaging app and puts phone away*

US Pol. Voting 

If your state gives you a "mail in ballot" you can almost certainly go drop it off and either a drop box or a county office at a time of your choosing.

Mask up and go drop it off as soon as you can. Avoid any possible shenanigans.

Please repeat or boost this message so folks who haven't done this before understand.

Also early voting is your friend!!


@hypolite Well, we're both going to a group Zoom on Saturday night... an, er... adult Zoom

@hypolite we have talked a bit as part of the group chat, and we're facebook friends

gender, relationships, crushes (~) 

the cute girl I've been mildly crushing on from transfeminine support group is now single.

i mean, she's also poly, so it wasn't something that i had to worry about but also like... now what do?

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