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Cities: Skylines 

Jesus fuck, this game is way less intuitive than any SimCity

trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

It is the Nineties and there is time for... 



I forgot Charles Napier was in the β€œLittle Green Men” episode of DS9!

cheese wife 

It was dinner out
It was tex-mex night
During a pandemic
With fajitas on her plate
And she called and cried
And she called and cried so
And she called and cried
And she called and cried so

And none of the staff was coming β€˜round
As I laid eyes on what I'd found
My cheese wife, my cheese wife
My cheese wife, my cheese wife

lewd adjacent 

I should have seen this coming. I've been supporting my musician friends by buying their stuff... now I gotta do the same for my friends who make porn.

DS9, lewd 

β€œI assure you, I am _quite_ fertile...”

food gender silly 

impulse bought a big thing of sour garlic pickles at the store because gotta rep my transfemmeness even if I'm not on Spiro.

work (-) 

A _lot_ of angry emails in the catch-all email inbox today because of our decision to move the statue. Oof.

gender silly, music 

*extremely Greg Kihn or Weird Al voice*

I want some Estrogen


slight computer disappointment 

Aw nuts, the new iMac came with Catalina

So, this is my first desktop computer in at least a decade... what should I name it? The previous computer was named Madame Psychosis 2 (Infinite Jest reference)

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